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Re: I more patch plz

by EA_Ataashi

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I more patch plz

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Bioware can you plz make one more patch where you can have all mosaic tiles, all bottles of Thedas, Mugs in the Deep Roads, Gears in the Deep Roads, and songs, saved in the golden nug to be carried over for future games. And maybe add a new game plus feature, That would be great.  

Plz Bioware Gods heed my call.



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Re: I more patch plz

Community Manager

Hi @DrakenStorm1984


Right now Bioware studio is mainly focused on the development of Anthem and the next installment from the Dragon Age franchise. It's been confirmed by Bioware Executive Producer, Mark Darrah on his Twitter. I suggest to give him a follow, if you're using this platform Wink


Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have any information if collectibles like the tavern songs (which I love to bits!) or Bottles of Thedas will be included in the future games via the Golden Nug. While Inquisition technically doesn't have a separate New Game + mode, the Golden Nug partially fullfill this feature, so I don't think Bioware will implement a proper NG+ into the game at this point Embarrassed



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