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Feedback and Suggestions for DA:4

by SmaelKyu

Original Post

Feedback and Suggestions for DA:4

★★★★ Novice

Hi everyone. I am submitting my first serious topic for the community. I am a really great fan and follower of the saga.


I am sure that everyone has its own favorite game in the saga. For many ones it would be the importance of the decisions on DA:O  or the combat system in DA:2, or the

amazing open world at DA:I. For me, it is difficult to choose among them.  


The best things I would like to talk about are the "Tactics", I really enjoyed to control their behaviour in that complex and very precise way. If any of you had the oportunity to play DA:O with the mod  "Advanced Tactics" , you can understand the real impact it has in game fluency. I mean, being able to defeat people in nightmare without having to micromanage each one of your characters was really something, the only thing that would be necesary was a condition to avoid doing AOE when there was Team characters nearby. I would really appreciate if Bioware goes back to it, exactly as it was at DA:O or even better, as it is in the mod I suggest you. 


I really dont understand why DA:2 had so many critics, for me the history was lineal, but great, gave me a lot of surprises along it, and the combat system was simpler but not less challenging than DA:O. In simpler words, I loved the combat system, the new status and combo effects that were used there. The only bad side it had in my humble opinion was the FRIENDLY DAMAGE. Given the fact that enemies had thousands of HP compared to 300 HP from our tank, the damage output of our characters was enourmous. For that reason whenever there was an AOE attack, it was more devasting for our team than for anyone else. For that reason, I think it would be great if life pool of enemies and characters were equilibrated in a rate 1:1 along the game, and obviously balance the damage output 1:1.5 as well for equilibrium. That way friendly damage would be acceptable, maybe even better, if enemies would suffer friendly damage from their own team mates and do more AOE spells would make the game more vibrant and interesting giving you the opportunity to use their allies in your advantage. By the way, one of the most common mistakes that players did in DA:2 is not to invest in constitution, I cant blame them, since every point gave only 10 HP, if that were at least 30 HP, there would have been more balance compared to the damage output attributes. Constitution was just unbalanced on it, only the tank used it, and noby else.


The great semi open world that DA: I had was really awesome. The quests and history was great, and it was a great come back after DA:2. I missed the "Tactics", though. As I said before, it was one of my favorite things in DA:O and even DA:2. I understand that young people may not be able to handle it, but I am sure that Bioware could give the option to choose among the simple and low effective tactics that DA:I had, or the advanced ones that DA:O had. In other words, the only thing I would edit from DA:I is giving two options for tactics. "Elementary Tactics" for young people and "Advanced Tactics" for veterans Cool. That would make everyone happy. In the other hand. Fighting such amazing dragons and bosses was one of the most entertaining and I highly expect that Bioware keep or even improve the quality of the world that they had shown us in DA:I. 


One of my favorite elements in DA:I are the trials. They deffinitely made my game, forced me to improve my game style. Specially the one that make Healing potions useless "Rub some dirt on it". The one that gave Incredible abilities to enemies "Walk Softly". I didnt uncheck any of them even after getting their achievments. By the way. I enjoy Bioware achievments, they are not "Time Demanding Achievments" as the ones of Ubisoft and World of Warcraft. They are "Skill Achievments". Please, share with me the best aspects of your previous games of the saga, and how you would like the new game improve.

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Re: Feedback and Suggestions for DA:4

Community Manager

Hey @SmaelKyu


That was a really interesting read, so thank you for sharing your suggestions with us Standard smile


I must agree that combat system in DA2 is quite under-appreciated in my opinion. It was like a breath of fresh air after DAO, even if I enjoyed a way more tactical battles as well.





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Re: Feedback and Suggestions for DA:4

★★★★ Novice

Thank you very much. I understand that developing a game is very difficult and maybe developers can not satisfy everyone without denying their own design, but I just wanted to share the aspects that made me love this saga. Have a good one  

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Re: Feedback and Suggestions for DA:4

★★★★ Novice

Combat overhaul:


 I made a post a few days ago about this asking for an inquisition update.

One of the biggest things I've disliked about inquisition was the combat. (Note that it wasn't all bad and I can't for the life of me understand why anyone gave this game poor reviews.)

I just think somethings could have been done better. For instance: 2 hand warrior in DA2 was far superior to the one in inquisition.

I found the 2 hand warrior combat and well actually warrior combat in general to be very lack luster.

They slowed combat down in this game which boggles the mind. It's like driving a Ferrari for 3 years

then being given a station wagon as an upgrade.


 Make the classes unique to each character. In the dragon age 2 each character was completely unique from Hawk. I didn't feel having

Fenris in my party was the same as having hawk as a 2 handed warrior because we both brought different specialties to the table.

Having hawk be a Blood mage and having Merril (The best DA character!) in the same group didn't in any way feel the same as

having the inquisitor as a necro mage in the same group as Dorian.


 Keep the inquisition:


 I feel some of the magic in the DA series was lost when you went from the Grey Warden to Hawk to the Inquisitor. It was nothing like the Mass effect series where

you where shepard and you had your team. Liara Tsoni (Best character ever!) Ashley, Garrus, Tali. You kept these characters and they became a part of you. It isn't

the same with the DA series at all.


 Make decisions really count. Put the inquisitor in some hard situations where he/she has to make life/world altering decisions. Not just who to Romance but you know

send the troops to stop an invasion of Qunari from Parvaalon, or stop the new exalted march that was sent by divine victoria to slaughter elves because she found out

what Solas is up to. 



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Re: Feedback and Suggestions for DA:4

★★★★ Novice

One thing I forgot to mention was can you please make the characters attractive. You guys went from ash Miranda Bethany and Isabella to these horrible looking inquisition characters. 

 Even the inquisitor was difficult to make look good without mods. Stop with the SJW * they don’t play your games.   


 Most people I know that played inquisition disliked the fact that all the characters where so ugly

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