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Re: 4. Dragon Age game, class ideas

by nicksugar

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4. Dragon Age game, class ideas

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I hope the next Dragon Age game is a half-hc single player game, like the Dragon Age Origins.

And i think, i need this classes/subc. in the 4. DA game (support: buffs/debuffs) Standard smile


  • Guardian: Shield+1H, tank role
  • Berserk: 2x1H melee, dps role
  • Fighter: 2H melee, dps role
  • Gladiator: Shield+1H, dps role



  • Arcane Warrior: 1H or 2H melee + magic (limited), dps role
  • Blood Mage: 2H staff, dps+cc role
  • Elementalist: 2H staff, dps role
  • Spirit Healer: 2H staff, support/heal role



  • Duelist: 2x1H (short swords/rapiers), dps role
  • Assassin: 2x1H (daggers), dps role
  • Scout: ranged weap., dps role
  • Shadow: 2x1H (daggers) dps+cc



  • Ranger: 2x1H or 2H melee weap+animal comp, dps role
  • Archer: ranged weap+ animal comp, dps role
  • Shapeshifter: 2H weap (spear, mace), nature magic (limited) + animal forms, dps/support role
  • Keeper: 2H staff, nature magic, dps/support/heal role



  • Templar: Shield +1H, tank role
  • Inquisitor: 2H weap, dps role
  • Champion: Shield +1H, dps+support role
  • Seeker: ranged weap, dps+cc role
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Re: 4. Dragon Age game, class ideas

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with the community @Daermon85.


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Re: 4. Dragon Age game, class ideas

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with the community @Daermon85.


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Re: 4. Dragon Age game, class ideas

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I just wanted to add a comment or basically beg and I didnt know how to start my own question thingy. On the upcoming dragon age 4, please for the love of all of DA gaming please do not focus the game majorly on multiplayer.... I'd rather not see it at all but I know it makes money. I fear if you focus on the multiplayer aspect too much youll leave the single player gamers with a lackluster story and characters that just makes us lose faith in yet another series. Hell even if its just multiplayer choices cause effect it means the single player is missing out on a major aspect in a prominently single player series. Like lets look to fallout 76 it currently has 3 stars on amazon for purchase, but the previous title fallout 4 has 4 1/2 ...  clearly people who love the rpg have been very displeased... and im sure selling an in game dime or penny or whatever it was makes lots of money. At a certain point do you wanna be rich and hated or making great games that bring people for generations that still bring a relative profit. etc. just another example is skyrim 4 1/2 to elderscrolls online 3 1/2, its not as much of a difference but its still recognizable.

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