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Sims 4 Gallery Won't Respond On Mac (OPEN)

by YoshiinoYoshi

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Sims 4 Gallery Won't Respond On Mac (OPEN)

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So I finally found a way to update my Mac to El Capitan and access Origin again. Because I missed the July 30th and 31st updates some of my ccs were crashing the game. Long story short I had to remove my entire Sims 4 folder just to get the game to open and function even with the removed broken ccs. I saved my favorite sims and house I was working on before the server error on the gallery but when I go onto my Sims detail page in the gallery it won't let me add her even if I am in create a sim. The exit button also will not respond. It makes the noise that accompanies these options but never can exit the detail page. The only way to get out of the gallery is to force my game to quit. I have repaired my game a few times, taken out all of my mods ( it still happens ), and tried to check for game updates. Nothing is working and I really want to get my sim family back and keep working on their house. Anyone have any ways to fix this glitch on a Mac without having to delete the game and install it again?

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Re: Sims 4 Gallery Won't Respond On Mac (OPEN)


Are you sure that all your Mods/CC are compatible with the latest patch? Sounds as if something is still conflicting with the game. 


Try moving your entire Sims 4 folder to your Desktop and DO NOT DELETE IT! 


Try creating a Sim and see if you can upload them to the Gallery. 

***Please note that I am a player like you and not an employee of EA.***
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Re: Sims 4 Gallery Won't Respond On Mac (OPEN)

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I can add sims to the gallery, I can not get things from the gallery though, and I took out my mods folder but it still is happening.

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Re: Sims 4 Gallery Won't Respond On Mac (OPEN)

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@YoshiinoYoshi  If you remove your entire TS4 game folder from Documents and launch the game, thereby spawning a clean folder, can you download gallery items into this new folder?  If your own files don't work, try downloading someone else's, just to make sure there isn't a problem with your uploads specifically.


After that, the standard advice applies:  Run the Origin reset tool for mac and generate another clean folder.  If you can get things to function with a new folder, you can always move your existing files into it from your old game folder.


By the way, when you originally removed your TS4 folder (when you got the game to work), what did you do with it?  As long as you didn't delete it, you should still have all your old files, and you can move them into a clean folder as well.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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