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Re: Sims 3 won't let me log into computer Mac

by puzzlezaddict

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Sims 3 won't let me log into computer Mac

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On my Mac, I was playing sims 3 and I shut my top down mid game which I always do and it makes my screen do a weird thing where it is back to the screen where I have to enter my password except there is a black bar at the top which shifts everything down and the graphics look like it's still in sims mode and even the cursor is the sims 3 curser. I cant enter my password and I don't want to reset my computer because I am sure I haven't saved my game, last time this happened which was the first time I save it so I didn't care. The x button doesn't do anything except make the screen exit for a minute then come back. How do I fix this??

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Re: Sims 3 won't let me log into computer Mac

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@desia2003  Your computer locked, and the only way to unlock it is to enter the password.  Even though the cursor isn't cooperating, maybe you can make the password field active anyway—try hitting the tab key a few times, or pressing enter.  If that doesn't help, then you'll need to restart, and you'll unfortunately lose all of your progress.


In the future, you should always save before closing your laptop, since you never know what might happen.  Even better, you could quit instead.  TS3 uses more and more RAM the longer it's running, and it has a hard limit of 2 GB in mac OS.  So even if you do get the game running after it's been idle, you may be close to the RAM limit, and the game may crash or fail to properly save after you start playing again.


Edit:  I've moved your thread to the dedicated Sims/mac section.  Please let us know if this issue shows up again and you need more help.


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