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Error code: 102:e4caa9ed:eeb17472, can't load my save

by 12345evah

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Error code: 102:e4caa9ed:eeb17472, can't load my save

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I've seen this issue in another topic, but what was written there did not help me. Therefore:


Hi. I was playing all day when I did something that gave me the loading screen, everything is casual. Then this comes up... "The save could not be loaded. Error code: 102:e4caa9ed:eeb17472. It is recommended that you run the game again." Or something like that. I got the message in Norwegian as that's the language I use, so that translation is not necessarily what I'd get if I played in english. Anyway, I play with mods and cc so I thought it had something to do with that. I didn't understand it though. I had already updated everything that could be updated after the last patch and the game had worked well for several days until now. I have gone through all my mods and custom content and updated everything that can be updated. It still won't work. I can't load my save. I can't remove all my mods and cc because I'm afraid it will ruin my save since I used some of it there. I have also tried to repair the game via origin. Other saves can be loaded, but I love this save and I wanna play with it..

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Re: Error code: 102:e4caa9ed:eeb17472, can't load my save



All of your Mods and CC need to be compatible with the current patch level, not just some of them. Move them all out and then move small batches back into the Mods folder, checking after each batch that the game will load. When the error comes up you have found some incompatible CC/Mods, you'll then need to test the batch you just added individually to see which piece(s) is incompatible.


It's in my signature below, CC creators are responsible for making sure their creations are compatible with the game, not EA. The Seasons patch was massive and a lot of Mods broke.

Using CC/Mods is at your own risk, EA are not responsible for making the game compatible with 3rd party content, the creator is. 

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