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Download Finished But Not?

by somestudentgirl

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Download Finished But Not?

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I redownloaded Sims 3 and some expansion packs onto my Mac today but it doesn't seem to want to launch from Origin. Every time I try to launch it, it just comes up with a message telling me that gameplay could be harmed while download is in progress, but everything's downloaded. I can still open it but it just comes up with another message that an error has occurred. I tried deleting it all, including redownloading Origin to my laptop, but it's just coming up with the same messages time and time again.

Anyone know what's going on or how I could fix it?

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Re: Download Finished But Not?

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@somestudentgirl  For the download in progress/finalizing error, run the Origin reset tool for macs:


The unknown error issue has several different causes, and which fixes you need to apply will depend on the specs of your mac as well as which packs you currently have installed.  But since you've uninstalled at least once already, it's best to start with a clean uninstall.  The uninstaller that comes with the game doesn't remove all the hidden library files, and these files can prevent you from launching the game going forward.


Next, install the base game only, and run the Super Patch to patch the game to 1.67.  The launcher doesn't do a good job of patching on its own, and running the Super Patch won't hurt.


Now you can try launching the game.  (You can reset Origin again if the install is still stuck finalizing.)  If you can load a new save, then you can start installing your packs.  Please list the ones you would like to install so that I can give more specific instructions about the two potential workarounds.


If you can't launch the patched base game, you'll need to edit TS3's .sgr files to force it to recognize your graphics card.  If you'd like help doing this, just list the specs of your mac, as well as the device ID of your card.  Here's how to find that information:


Or, if you see your card listed in the link above, just follow the instructions to add the relevant text to your .sgr files.  Be sure to edit both graphicscards and graphicsrules.  And again, if you'd prefer, I can give you specific instructions for this step as well.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Download Finished But Not?

@somestudentgirl  I've moved your post to the Sims/Mac section.  Please let me know if you still need help.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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