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Random Cop on Latin Villa lawn

by XxChinaCat

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Random Cop on Latin Villa lawn

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I won the Latin villa in Sims FreePlay, and ever since I built it I’ve had a random sim cop standing on the front lawn doing nothing! It’s just weird and I wondered if he’s supposed to be there for some reason or if it’s a glitch, lol. Also I wanted to mention that I’m running low on fun things to do in my FreePlay game. I have most of the lots filled, and because of the object cap on the houses (I still don’t understand why we can’t add as much as we want to our houses) I can’t even continue to decorate them or add new furniture. I don’t want to tear them down and start from scratch, ESPECIALY since I spent so much money building or buying architect homes. I wish the creators would add more lots and stores etc to keep the game fun for those of us who have invested a lot of time and money. An occasional event doesn’t do much for me, especially if it’s for a silly prize, like the gingerbread house stuff. Yuck! I wish I could get RID of that ugly wallpaper etc in my inventory it just takes up space! Adding more lots would be great! I’m just starting to lose interest is all, I don’t have a lot of money so I don’t want to keep spending it on a game that I feel like I’ve completed. 

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