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Re: Pregnancy Update - June 18, 2018

by tackgirl

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Pregnancy Update - June 18, 2018

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Pregnancy, our most highly-requested feature ever is finally here! It’s time to nurture a mother through the journey, challenges, and changes of pregnancy, creating never-before-told stories in The Sims FreePlay.



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Re: Pregnancy Update - June 18, 2018

★ Apprentice
Can you tell me how to start the quest? I updated and clicked start later and now it’s gone?
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Re: Pregnancy Update - June 18, 2018

★★★★ Newbie

My game crashes every time I open the baby task manager.Why?

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Re: Pregnancy Update - June 18, 2018

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Hello @EA_Mai since I have updated my game to the pregnancy update, I am having issues with crashing. The baby store costs 3million simoleons in my game. I have been sending all my sims to work and school to get up the coin but every time I finish sending all my sims to work/school, and I try to go to a house to deal with toddles/babies, the game crashes. When the game comes back on, the sims all are home from work but didn’t earn any money and the work option is taken away because it registers that they already worked their shift. 3mil take a looooooong time to save up. 3days of this sending em all of to work and the game crashes and I have to wait 24 hrs to try to send them again. 

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Re: Pregnancy Update - June 18, 2018

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I’ve played for years and I’m so frustrated.   This has cost me 4 million game dollars, between the store and daily appts from 165,000-225,000$.  Even after paying the appts we’re still over 6 hours.  This is insanely uneven.  Task says call dr not pay for appt but you can’t pass if you don’t.  Or I use tons of lp/sp.  this has wiped me out of all sp/lp and $ and I had to kill off a sim to do it since leveling up capped ages ago in place of pay to pls6.  I never thought it’d be done but this it.  It ceased to be fun.  

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Re: Pregnancy Update - June 18, 2018

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Hey me too, I dont know why but it won't let me finish my last days for the event 

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Re: Pregnancy Update - June 18, 2018

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Same with me.  I have a pregnant Sim and the time is up.  I can’t add another Sim since she hasn’t given birth, and probably won’t ever!!  I am very frustrated with this game I have been playing for years!!  

Someone help me please!!

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