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Error Code 5002

by ManuM15H

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Error Code 5002

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I can't play the sims freeplay on my android tablet with android 4.0 and it doesn't charge the game..
"Server error, please visit and choose our region...assistant code: 5002" and i search on and i didn't found anything... Please, help me, and i contact to client service of EA and they don't answer me...

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Re: [The Sims FreePlay] error 5002

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Community Manager

An error with the 5002 code error indicates that unfortunately the resolution of your device is not currently supported. This can be most common if your device has had a firmware update, most commonly with UI changes that the manufacturer may include at their discretion. 

If you are experiencing this problem, please ensure that both your device's firmware as well as the game version are up to date. If you still experience this error please let us know the following information so that we may pass this on to the development team: 

1. What is the model number of your device? 

2. Which version of Android is currently installed on your device? 

3. Is your device rooted? 

4. Which game is affected by this error? 

5. Which version of the game do you have installed? 


Please post your information in this thread:

Thank you for your patience. Please note that we are not able to give an estimate of when this may be corrected for specific devices, as we are constantly working to include support for as many devices as possible for all of our games.


I'm closing this thread as the only way to get help with this issue is posting your information in the thread that is linked above.

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[The Sims FreePlay] error 5002

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I can't play sims freeplay on my android tablet it keeps piping up as error 5002

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Sims Freeplay wont load on my android tablet

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Have a error 5002 pop up everytime I tap on app what do I need to do to correct it ?
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have a error issue

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Haveing error 5002 pop up when I tap the app how do I correct this
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Re: The Sims FreePlay error code 5002

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Thanks, and if i'll buy an ipod touch and i'll download the sims freeplay, can i play the game without this problem , or i'll have the same problem?
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[The Sims Freeplay] error code 5002

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Hi, i have downloaded The Sims Freeplay from google play on my archos arnova 7f g3 running android 4.0.3, and im getting this error message, could you help me?


dannyStandard smile

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[The Sims FreePlay] error code 5002

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i have a agptek android 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich tablet and is wondwring why every time i try to install the game or download the files it wont let me and keeps saying this go to something like that and the error code is 5002 need help fast


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[The Sims FreePlay] sims freeplay for android tablets

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I am sure thid has been asked beforr. But as google play, 1market are both offering this game for download, and I was able to get it downloaded I was like yay. But then it asked to connect to the server to check for an update thnen i got the erroe thing teling me to go to and that the error was 5002.<br><br>Please I am sure i am not the only one who would like to see the game made available for android phones and tablets.<br><br>Thnx

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Re: The Sims FreePlay error code 5002

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Can someone help me it won't even let me play the game. And I want to really badly!
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[The Sims FreePlay] error code 5002

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ii hhhave a android 4.0 laptop and it keeps coming up with error 5002 i go tio the website aND cant find the customer support

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