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Re: store content not showing up in the right category

by puzzlezaddict

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store content not showing up in the right category

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I know that this is kinda late on the game scale but I've been having this problem where my Sims 3 store content will download but not show up in the right outfit category. My outerwear won't shop in outerwear which means I can use it for the category. Or some everyday clothes won't show up in that category. Can anyone help?

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Re: store content not showing up in the right category

@mpilar4601  You're not too late; some of us still play TS3.


I know that some store items don't show up in the correct categories, but it's also possible that you have corruption somewhere in your game folder.  The fastest way to distinguish between the two is to pull your entire TS3 folder out of Documents and onto your desktop, then open the launcher to spawn a clean folder.  Install a few of the problem items into the clean folder, then start a new save to test.  If the clothes still show up incorrectly, then the files themselves are the problem.


If the clothes are properly categorized in the new game folder, then there's something corrupt in your old folder.  Install every item that wasn't working correctly into the new folder, in small batches (no more than six items at a time).  Once you've tested all the content, go into DCCache inside your new game folder and grab the file labeled dcdb0.ebc.  Put this file aside for safekeeping, then trash the new game folder and put the old one back in Documents\Electronic Arts.


Open the launcher again, and uninstall the items that weren't working.  (Make sure you get them all.)  Then go into DCCache and check the numbers in the names of your .ebc files.  They'll be labeled in order, from dcdb0.ebc (that's a zero) upwards.  Rename the new .ebc file that you took from the new game folder so that it's numbered one higher than your highest .ebc file.  So if your old game folder has dcdb0 through dcdb4.ebc, the new file would be dcdb5.ebc.  You can ignore the .dbc files, which are third-party custom content.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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