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Re: alsimhara wont load

by EA_Mai

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alsimhara wont load

★★★★ Newbie

playing the sims 3 with world adventures, supernatural and ambitions try to take my sims to al simhara and it stays stuck with the green in the first of the bar forever

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Re: alsimhara wont load

Community Manager

Hi @JennyKushq,


Has this happened since you installed the game?


It's possible the world is not correctly installed, so if you have the game installed through Origin, I would suggest repairing the game to make sure this is not the case. To repair your game, right click on the game in your Origin Game Library and select 'Repair' option.


If that doesn't help, have you checked if this happens in different save games?



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Re: alsimhara wont load

★★★★ Newbie

wound up having to go through steam and verify the integretity of the files on the sims 3 one was missing or corrupted problem solved thank you for your quick response

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Re: alsimhara wont load

Community Manager

Glad to read that @JennyKushq. Standard smile  Enjoy the travel!



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