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Why won't origin install The Sims 3

by sshhh

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Why won't origin install The Sims 3

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Ever since I installed Origin to enable me to play ME3, I have not been able to play The Sims 3. I uninstalled the files and downloaded them from Origin but it won't do the install. I also tried manually installing the game from the setup file and that gets to the user agreement page and then cuts out (it just stops doing anything). I am getting increasingly frustrated as The Sims 3 and the expansions used to work absolutely fine from the DVDs... until I got Origin.


Computer Specs

Windows 7

Core 2 Duo Processor


Radeon HD 5700 Graphics Card

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Re: Why won't origin install The Sims 3

Community Manager

Hi sshhh,


It is possible that one of the programs (anti-virus, firewall etc.) on your computer is conflicting with Origin. You can find a list of possible "culprits" as well as instructions what to do about that here:


Please let us know if that helped you!




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Re: Why won't origin install The Sims 3

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I have had the same problem!


The game is coming up installed on origin but not anywhere to be found on my computer and wont let me now play the game, I try to uninstal from origin but there is no file to do so as it isn't on the computer....


Never had this problem before with Sims until origin and am very annoyed


tried to install yesterday but origin was down for 8 HOURS. And still can't play the game I BROUGHT because of this!!!!!

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