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The sims 3 starter pack, no purchase history!!

by DarkD3vi1

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The Sims 3 Wrong CODE

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I Bought the Humble Origin Bundle and the code I get to activate the Sims 3 is too short I manage to activate the other 7 games but the Sims 3.

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Problem with a key

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Yesterday i reedem The Sims 3 code from Humble Bundle, after activation i don't have any purchase on my profil, i can't download a game. When I write again that code, there's wrotten that key can't be use anymore.


Thanks for help.

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I cant install THE SIMS 3 because my cd key is not long enought . I bought the humble bundle promo and i received a sort key . Can i get help ? Tnx

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The Sims 3 Starterparck short serial code

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Yeasterday I purchesd The Humble Origin Bundle-t and it gave me a  short serial code for The Sim 3 Starter and the Origin accepted it.
But when i want to install it it ask for the serial number it wont accept it cause its a wrong serial nuber and i cant use it
what should i do ?

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Sims 3 redeemed on sims website but nothing in purchased link and can't register on origin

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Hi there. I appreciate it's all a bit hectic with the humble bundle right now.

I was wanting to install the sims 3 last night, I was directed to the sims website where I was advised to redeem the code rather than origin. I entered the code and the website said it was redeemed and to go to purchase history but nothing was there. I tried again but the code has obviously been used and I can't do it again. Also tried Origin this morning when I saw it hadn't righted itself but of course there to the code is registered. So essentially I have no game. Can any one advise me what to do or what has gone wrong?


Thank you any help is much appreciated.

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Re: Sims 3 redeemed on sims website but nothing in purchased link and can't register on origin

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This happenned to me as well so it seems that there are two separate problems.


Those who registered the game successfully on origin but didn't get a 20 char key and those that, like you and me, redeemed the game on the sims website (because that's where it said to redeem it, now it says to redeem it on the origin website) and can't have any sort of access to the game because when we now try to redeem it through the correct channel (origin website) it says the game has been redeemed.

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Re: Sims 3 redeemed on sims website but nothing in purchased link and can't register on origin

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So yeah it is in my purchase history in the Sims 3 website but I can't actually do anything with it. It is not showing on Origin, and to download from The Sims 3 website I would need a Sims Launcher, which I don't have if I don't have The Sims 3, ironically enough.  

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Re: the sims 3 not showing up on purchase history

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I have the exact same problem at the moment. The key I used is no longer valid and the game I redeemed apparently vanished into thin air. I can't figure anything out either and while EA have said they're having server issues with too many people tryna redeem, they haven't announced a fix for people who have already redeemed their code.

The last line where it says please hang on to your codes doesn't give me any hope either :/

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Re: the sims 3 not showing up on purchase history

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Same problem here. While the helpsite from EA just puts me into an endless loop (Ask a Guide -> Which Game -> Ask a Guide), there's nothing else to do than wait.


No wonder they "won" the award for being worst company two times in a row...

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Sims 3 Redemption

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So, I just purchased the Humble Origin Bundle. I've entered the codes for all my games, and they've all appeared in my Origin library. Except for The Sims 3.


When I tried to redeem The Sims 3 at the same place as the other codes, it gave me another link to go to, where I entered my code, but when I pressed next it said "An error has occurred."


Now, when I try to redeem the code again, it tells me that the code has already been used. The game isn't showing up in my Origin library, so I'm worried the redemption failed and the code was somehow used in the process. 



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