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The Sims 3 "Not Responding"

by lovelygoth101

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The Sims 3 "Not Responding"

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Hello EA Answer HQ,

I am having a problem with The Sims 3. The launcher works, but as soon as the black screen pops up it just stays that way until I minimize/open task manager - in task manager it shows as "not responding", and I have to end the process to close it. There is no .excpt crash log, and I've tried removing my installed mods, and it still does nothing. I've recently downloaded quite a bit of CC (wall murals, no mods), so I am wondering if it will just take longer to initially load. Any help is appreciated.

A little more info: I last played on the second (7/2/13), and was in the process of redecorating a home. I saved and quit to download more wall murals (ended up with some rugs and paintings too). Now, I am in the process of trying to fix the above problem. I took out the entire downloads folder and mods folder. I put back and reinstalled the downloads, and the game ran. I then started putting back the subfolders of my mods folder. Some folders will initiate the "not responding" problem, but they should not, as they have not been altered.

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Re: The Sims 3 "Not Responding"

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My game launches but when it gets to the black screen it acts like it will take forever to launch. I have to close it out because it says "not responding." It started this right after I downloaded University Life. I have not been able to play it since then. It is agravatting since I love to play the game and have just about all the expansion packs. Please help me figure this problem out.

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Re: The Sims 3 "Not Responding"

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Maybe did you install some bad cc by accident? Sometimes corrupted or hidden cc can crash, lag, or glitch the game.
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