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Store error took my SP.

by lauravonawesome

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Store error took my SP.

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EA must be in its own time zone or something, since chat has a 0-minute wait time and I've waited well over 30 minutes in 2 different browsers for someone to help me with this. No one's responded to my help request on Twitter either (I don't know where they're located but it's just after 11 pm Atlantic), and so I'm trying here as a last resort.

I was on the TS3 store site, and went to check out the Daily Deals. Seeing Stars was up, and I noticed that there was a green download button in place of the usual 'buy now' (I figured that it was because I own both Show-Stopping Styles and the Hypnotizer~ I bought SSS on the DD a few weeks ago, but have owned the Hypnotizer since 2012).

Anyway, I clicked 'download'... only to find out that it actually took my SP. 500+ SP wasted, on a set I already own.

Ordinarily, I'd just write it off and replace the SP. But I can't do that, as I've been unable to work since my accident 6 months ago and I have to make whatever SP I do have last as I won't be able to buy them again for a while. I wouldn't normally make a big deal of it but, in this case, your site is to blame: the green Download button on a set that takes SP is misleading and unfair.


I'm hoping that someone can help me sort this out, or at least direct me to a person who can.




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Re: Store error took my SP.

@lauravonawesome  This is an open public forum for users by users and specific account information can not be accessed in these forums. As this issue requires an EA customer service rep to research what happened and accounts can not be accessed from these forums. What country are you located in?


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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Re: Store error took my SP.

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would love to, except that I've been trying for over 24 hours to contact EA and have not been able to get in touch with a human. I guess I was just hoping that someone from EA would see this (since I know EA mods frequent these boards) and can give me contact info for who I should be speaking to, in order to get this sorted.

I live in Canada and am in the Atlantic time zone. I don't know where EA chat is located, but I've tried contacting EA at various times throughout the day (11 PM last night, 2 AM this morning, 9 AM, 2 PM, 7 PM, 11 PM) and cannot for the life of me get in contact with a person. I've tried 3 different browsers (Firefox, Waterfox, and Chrome) and waited more than 3 hours total for someone to respond, despite a wait time of 2 minutes (according to the chat page).

I have anxiety and am hoping to avoid a phone call. But, if that's my only option, it is what it is.

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Re: Store error took my SP.

@lauravonawesome I have seen many posts about the chat support. I have used to call back and found it worked ok. The only problem I had is that for some reason it didn't like my voip system and I had to use my cell phone. Unfortunately this issue needs to be addressed by customer support and as this involves billing I think the mods can only advise you to contact customer support.


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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