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Solving Version "" Error

by BeyondSimsDan

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Re: Solving Version "" Error

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Um, if the original post could be edited please? The installation order needs to be updated as there are some more games now. Thanks

If your problem wasn't solved and no one has gotten back to you - please either post again (or bump up your problem) or contact EA.

I cannot guarantee that my suggestions will help or solve your problem.

I don't work for EA or have any association with them. I also help in my own free time - so please be considerate.

If your problem was solved - please accept a solution! XP is also appreciated.

Happy Gaming!!
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Re: Solving Version "" Error

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I tried installing the new sims 3 patch yesterday, which didn't work. So I looked it up and people said they were looking into it. Yet today, I logged on to my computer and my security system was down, I looked to see what was wrong and it said that the new sims 3 patch attacked my security system! WHY?! Luckily I fixed the problem and my security is back up now, but what was that about?!

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Re: Solving Version "" Error

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This is a frustrating issue, but I suggest that before you spend hours un-installing re-installing and messing around with your registry and such try clearing the game cache files first.


1) Go into your main boot drive and go into the Users folder - find the folder matching your account name and go in.


2) Once inside go into: Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / DDCache


3) Delete missingdeps.idx


Then finally, cross your fingers, and try running the launcher after this.  You can also try clearing the other cache files if need be.


Hope that helps...  and heh, good luck!

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Re: Solving Version "" Error

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Ok my problem started sometime after i added showtime to my list. i uploaded in this order after the main instalment. Late night, Ambitions, Seasons, Pets, Supernatural, and then Showtime. says i have modded files. i think the only thing i have ever messed with from the files cashe is the music. do i need to restor the music to continue or do i have to reinstall every disc?

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Re: Solving Version "" Error

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This patch seems to be causing a WHOLE Heap of problems..I am sick of Orgin and "Access Denied" to my bought and paid for games..This problem occurs because my Base Game + 3 orginal add ons were purchased in the States and my Katy PerrySpecial Collection Edition of Showtime was UK bought. I read the solution at the top of the page to uninstall Origin and re-install with the latest version and now it want me to become a member of the South African community!!


,Just because we are ex-pats living now in Botswana..Come on EA... what about the World Wide Web experience..Origin and EA spyware is causing loyal fans ( I have been a registered member since the orginal Sims came out) have bought and paid for all my copies of The Sims since the begining of Sim City 2000

This really really makes me want to go and join the darkside.

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Re: Solving Version "" Error

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I tried all the steps, even uninstalled all my nine sims 3 games. But after reinstalling all the games, i still have the problem. I still get the message from my launcher that sounds about such: There has been an error while starting the game, look at the Log for more details. What to do at this point? 

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Re: Solving Version "" Error

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I`m having the same problem even with the super patch i get the dreaded  error during start up please see log, then version 0000 , i have uninstalled all games to format my computer, I have most of the expansions, sadly mine are all digital downloads, so when i uninstall and do a reinstall my sims exe file is gone and i have to re download them all again, i live in australia and we have download limits, while i have 150 gig dl limit I am now at 92 percent of my usage and still no fix for the sims, can anyone tell me how to save my digital downloads and uninstall the game without losing my download, the game installs fine but when i go to play it, i get a message that the shortcut is missing, I have been at this for over a week now and am serously getting P***ed off, thanks for any help Tamara Frown

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Re: Solving Version "" Error

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If i could ask and get a refund for Digital downloads of the sims I would, I`m bloody fed up with the lack of help from you people, all these posts and no help whatsoever, its a disgrace, get ya money and to hell with the people who play these games !!!!!!!!!!!!! Frown:womanmad:

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Re: Solving Version "" Error

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I have bought most of the Sims been trying to play Sims 3 base pack it downloads OK I do update patch and then I can't laugh it says error in startup please check log please help getting very stressed done this five times now

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Re: Solving Version "" Error

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Can you help me I had the same problem I installed all my games and by base the updated to the new patch then uninstalled all my games again and is still didn't work it keeps saying TS3 not working and my origin is up to the latest version too please help

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