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Slightly glitchy sim

by Rosenewberry

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Slightly glitchy sim

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Small problem: I have a sim who glitches out quite a lot. In bed, she constantly arises from the duvet, sitting up and down all through the night. She is teaching her toddler to talk right now and she keeps standing up and sitting down through the event. It is very quick - she'll stand up and then sit down in a flash. When she is standing, she looks like she is holding an invisible object. She also does this hand movement whilst standing.


The first picture shows the weird hand movement. The second one is of her sitting back down again. The third is of her jumping in bed.

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Re: Slightly glitchy sim

@Rosenewberry  Do you ever use moveobjects on to move sims around?  This kind of glitch is a common side effect, and is one of the reasons the cheat shouldn't be used on sims or pets.


Even if you don't use it, though, this glitch should be addressed sooner rather than later.  Since you don't use mods, the only thorough way to reset your sim is to evict her from the house and move her back in again.  You can do this with the whole family, or just temporarily split her in Edit Town, and then merge her back into the active household.  As long as you don't save her to the bin and replace her, she'll keep her job and relationships, but lose her promised wishes and opportunities.


If this alone doesn't help, it's possible that the house itself has some leftover action jigs that are getting in the way.  These invisible markers are supposed to disappear when the actions associated with them end, but occasionally that doesn't happen.  The only way to get rid of them without mods is to bulldoze the lot.  You can save the house to the bin first and then replace it; the jigs don't survive this process.  Of course, you'd have to evict your sims as well, and the same rules apply—they'd keep their jobs and relationships but lose their wishes and opportunities.


And be sure to clear your caches before and after trying any troubleshooting step.  Now is also a good time to use "save as" to rename the save, so if you don't like the results of one of these steps, you can revert to the old save with no harm done.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Slightly glitchy sim

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Thank you! No, I do not use moveobjects, so I'll try evicting her. However, there is a few wishes I'd like to complete first, so I'll get back to you!Standard smile

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