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Sims/pets keep freezing

by kloppanl

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Sims/pets keep freezing

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My sims and also my pets keep freezing. Otm my pet is frozen en even after restart it is frozen. Everyting else, like my sims and other pets, go on with live. It looks like my pet is going to die, because the needs are red. What is the problem and what causes the freezing? This way I just want to quit playing the sims.. 


Please help. 

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Re: Sims/pets keep freezing

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Are you using ANY Store or CC? That's the only way I ever had the pet freeze.

It only happens with some, not all items. Mainly certain chairs & beds.

I had to use resetSim cheat with the pets name. If that's not working I am sorry Frown

It's the only problem & solution that I am aware of.

Good luck.

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Re: Sims/pets keep freezing

you could have  a npc sim stuck somewhere in the world try the resetsim cheat use the first cheat this will reset all sims the second cheat is for one sim


ctrl+shift+c hold all 3 together in the menu bar that appears at the top of the screen type in resetsim*   (hit enter ) this will send all sims inculdeing your own back to their homes


ctrl+shift+c hold all 3 together in the menu bar that appears at the top of the screen type resetsim first name last (of your sim ) hit enter

solutions are 50/50 they work for some and not others and vice versa
I don't work for or have any association with EA
please remember your on a public forum never give out your codes your emails or phone numbers here on the forums or in a p.m
game issue questions belong in the forum please do not pm me with game issue questions
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