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Sims 3 serial code for registering game, already been used

by Rachel-Jewel125

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Sims 3 serial code for registering game, already been used

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I brought my Sims 3 game when it first came out, I didn't use it originally because I had an incompatible computer with it but kept hold of it. Eventually when I got a computer to play it on (a few years later) I went to register the code to be able to go onto the Sims exchange and use other online features but it was invalid, originally I didn't mind as I thought I still have the game so I can still play it but now I really want these features. I looked up how to register the game properly through origin and tried to do so but the message came up saying that the code was already in use. 

There is probably no way to retrieve this code but is there a way to get a new game code? Please help 

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Re: Sims 3 serial code for registering game, already been used


Did you not register when you frist got the game ?


Did you buy the DVD or download version ?


If you've never registered and bought the DVD, please contact customer support


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