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Sims 3 costume content

by caitbug1

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Sims 3 costume content

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when i download costume content not from the exchange though it will not work i have used the same costume content and website for years and it has always worked but now when i put it into downloads then i go to install it it says it installs but it doesn't. It shows up in installs but when you go on the game its not there and when you get off it is not in the install place anymore and i have to re download it all. I have uninstalled all my games it didn't work still. Please help me.

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Re: Sims 3 costume content

@caitbug1  It's possible that the custom content you're trying to download is broken, or that a file in your game folder is corrupt.  Start by opening the launcher and uninstalling every item that doesn't work, if you still see any of it listed.  That way, you can ensure you won't have duplicates later.


Now, drag your entire TS3 game folder out of Documents and onto your desktop.  Open the launcher to create a new game folder, and then download just one of the custom content files that isn't working.  Install it, launch the game, and start a new save to test. If the item doesn't appear, it's likely broken or not compatible with your patch level.


If the item appears, you can install the rest of the new cc you want, test again, and then move the newly installed content into your old game folder.  The way you do that is you open your new game folder, go into DCCache, and grab the new .dbc file.  You're going to put it in DCCache inside your old game folder, but first, you'll need to rename it so that it's numbered one higher than the highest numbered .dbc file that's already there.  So if your old folder has dcdb0.dbc through dcdb4.dbc, the new one will be dcdb5.dbc.


If you installed any sims or lots, you'll also have new files in SavedSims and/or Library.  Be sure to move these from your new game folder to the corresponding folders inside your old game folder.


Now you can delete the new game folder and put your old one back in Documents\Electronic Arts.  Test the game again to make sure that the custom content appears.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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