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Sims 3 Open for Business

by Caradavina

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Sims 3 Open for Business

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Please bring back the game mechanics that were in Sims 2: Open for Business. I loved being able to hire employees and run a business. It was awesome. Now, most venues are closed to the eye and the ones that are open can only be fiddled with while in city edit mode. Please open our world back up and let us go inside the business as well as run them from the inside. I understand that Sims Island might have an aspect of that (I haven't gotten that far in the Pack yet, but I do own it) with the resort, but please consider bringing it back to all aspects of the game (restaurants, libraries, stores, etc...). 


I'm going to tack some feedback on here as well since I'm having one heck of a time finding a place to do that - There are many bugs I'm finding since Supernatural EPack that are more bothersome than the usual ones (this is a sad statement - usual ones). Anyway, two that really stand out are that my Sims (and npc sims) have an issue with plates or pans being stuck upside down to their hands. Sometimes this fixes itself if the sim is cooking and it will loop between the upside down pan and the cooking pan. Sometimes, though, the npc sims will sit down to eat and have this pan attached to their hand the entire time they eat and walk around.  Another big issue is that sims will pause at every doorway and then flip back and forth as if confused of which direction to walk or run. This will happen 2 or 3 times and then the Sim will continue on as normal.


Another issue maybe related to the last mentioned one is that the Sims in University that are on campus going to class will all stand in line forever and then one by one begin to enter the building. My Sim, even if there an hour early, will have to wait in this line until his/her turn to enter the building and even if an hour early will not get to the class until half an hour late or more. There are also major issues with how slow it runs but I cannot fully put this one on you guys because I do not have a brand new gaming machine but am on the cusp of having a machine that is obsolete in regards to graphics, sound, and processor speed. I am about .3 below the recommended Ghz for Vista running Island, for instance. Needless to say, the overclocking does not make the game run prettily. However, I know that the other issues I've reported have nothing to do with this as the issues were happening (except for University) before I was beyond the recommended pc stats for running the game.


I am sorely disappointed with the gaming industry in general because many things are released before most glitches and bugs are worked out - actually this is even a problem with operating systems, so the gaming industry is not alone in this flaw. It's about money and deadlines while the consumer has to either battle glitches, fix them with mods or wait for the patch(es) to come along. I know this is also a beast of computer programming and game creation (trust me, I know), but I feel that the standards are getting lax and the industry is relying on releasing dlc to fix things or make them better. What happened to complete games or even complete products? Getting off my soap box, I hope my feedback regarding Open Business mechanics and current glitches/bugs/issues with the game (I have all expansions) reach you. I have been a loyal fan and player of Sims since it was first introduced to the gaming community, and I hope to see the game reach amazing heights. I also want to state that instead of releasing a new Sims every so many years, why not make the Sims 3 all it can be first? We don't need a Sims 4 right now (people still play Sims 1 and 2, dontcha know?).

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They won't be making an ofb though cause Into the future will be the last Expansion Pack.

Good Luck and Happy Simmin


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