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Says problem with internet connection - but I am connected

by beccareedy

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Says problem with internet connection - but I am connected

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I successfully downloaded The Sims 3 Starter Pack with the Sims 3, High End Loft Stuff Pack, and Late Night expansion pack from Origin.  I open the Sims 3 launcher and click to play but the game will not open and I get an error message that reads "Important Message! There is a problem connecting to the server. Please ensure your internet connection is active.  If the problem persists try again later."  However, my internet connection is at full strength and I'm able to access the entire since I am in fact posting this.  It's a PC computer running Windows Vista.  I've tried restarting the internet connection and the actual computer itself but the same message pops up. What should I do?

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Re: Says problem with internet connection - but I am connected


Wouldn't hurt to give your computer a 'tune up' of sorts:


The operating system and software degrade over time due to regular computer use. In fact, are some of the root causes of PC slowdown—including hard drive fragmentation, memory leaks, Windows Registry bloat, and more—can arise due to regular everyday activities like installing and uninstalling programs, device drivers, and Windows and software updates.


I would highly suggest you 'tune up' your computer by clearing the Flash, Java & Browser Caches, Clear the history/internet files, etc, check you start programs, and disable ones you don't need running, Defragging your system, etc.


After doing you 'tune up" always shut down your computer completely, for at least 30 seconds before you reboot!

Hope this helps!

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Re: Says problem with internet connection - but I am connected

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Have you tried this stuff:  ?


I realize it's a different error but Windows people seem to have a lot of trouble with their firewalls and anitvirus programs blocking Origin/the Sims so try some of the stuff in that post might help.  


Good Luck Standard smile

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