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Redeeming A Code

by Clifford92

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Redeeming A Code

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I recently purchased a worlds bundle which contained Monte Vista, Hidden Springs and a Chocolate Fountain. I have managed to enter the codes for Hidden Springs through (, and the Chocolate Fountain through Origin, it hasn't shown up in my purchase history yet though. However, I have tried entering the code for Monte Vista, through the site above, on the Sims3 site (redeem a code) and have tried through origin with no success. Origin says that the code cannot be entered through its site and the others say it is an invalid code.


I am at a loss of what to do next, can you help me please?


Many thanks



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Re: Redeeming A Code

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Hi Steph


You will most likely have to contact EA to find out why those objects are not showing up in your purchase history and while you are on it, ask them about Monte Vista. You can find them here: For help with navigating the site, see this:


Hope everything works out


If your problem wasn't solved and no one has gotten back to you - please either post again (or bump up your problem) or contact EA.

I cannot guarantee that my suggestions will help or solve your problem.

I don't work for EA or have any association with them. I also help in my own free time - so please be considerate.

If your problem was solved - please accept a solution! XP is also appreciated.

Happy Gaming!!
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Re: Redeeming A Code

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i got the same problem, so i checked the small letters and everything i could see


i noticed the code i got for the chocolate fontain expires at 15 march 2013

the bundle got released 14/05/2013


and on the small white paper with warnings/instructions there are 2 codes

gonna try those right now


*edit* i managed to give in 1 code, the other one isn't valid it said

so hidden springs is activated and monte vista still doesn't work for me


*edit2* still don't have access to hidden springs at all

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Re: Redeeming A Code

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Same issue. Hidden Springs worked but Monte Vista and the Chocolate Fountain (side note: which sounds like a Swedish Metal band :P) doesn't work. I contacted EA and they gave me new codes which also don't work and they stated it was a technical issue on the website and to give it some time. While I don't mind being patient an ETA would be lovely.
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