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Redeem a Code Broken

by CutieKitsune

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

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I'm trying to redeem my code from inside the game but there is no tab that says Account Info & Settings.
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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

Community Manager

Hi @foreverrlaurenn,


That tab won't be there unless you log in first, are you logged in? If so, could you take a screenshot for us?




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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

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I'm having the same issue. Tried to redeem a code on the website, just kept loading and loading after i input the code, tried the in game option but there is no link to account info. photo is attached. 

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

Community Manager

Hi @CalicoSprite,


Could you try @Iconer1's suggestion? It is a good idea. Remember to grant XP to them if it helps Wink



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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

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 I am having the same issue. Cloner's suggestion is useless because you actually need to be able to click on the account info and settings link after logging in to redeem a code in game. Which the "account info and settings" link is not there. I also can not redeem the other way either. 


 I just dropped 40 bucks for this game and this does NOT look good that I cant even redeem the code to play it. I am extremely disappointed as it seems this issue has been going on with others on this forum for days now and it has yet to be resolved, and the only suggestion you make is the one that we just stated is not working. 


Where can I find the direct number to IT or customer support? 

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

Community Manager

Hi @p3ttygam3rgirl,


Sorry for the confusion, but which is exactly the game you purchased? This redeem a code page is for The Sims 3 Store content, not the base game or expansion/stuff packs.


The Sims 3 base game and its expansion and stuff packs can be registered in one of these pages:

Once you register your game in one of these pages, you will be able to download it through the Origin client.


In case you purchased something that needs to be redeemed in the page that is giving you issues, have you tried to follow lconer1's instructions as I suggested in my last post? That link is sending me directly to the 'Account info and settings tab'. If it helps you, don't forget to give @Iconer1 some XP Wink


If you want to contact one of our advisors, please, follow this link to EA Help.


Let us know if you have any questions,


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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

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This link is no longer available.. can we try sort something else out because I just bought roaring heights and I cannot redeem my code on the website without it loading forever and doing nothing.

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

Community Manager

Hi @SaintRelentless,


Could you tell us which link is no longer available?


Please, try to refresh the page when it keeps loading, and then introduce your code again. After that, log out and log in again and check your purchase history. This workaround has helped several players, let us know if it works for you.



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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

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OK.. so here is how I fixed the redeem a code page. Yesterday I bought a package from Origin, but when I tried to redeem it , the page would freeze. I have been doing everything I could think of since yesterday. I deleted all custom content, uninstalled and reinstalled Sims 3, and even reset the game to factory. NOTHING would work!!!  It wasn't until I read that I should try another browser that it worked. DARN IT!!! If I would have thought of that yesterday, I could have saved my self hours of working on it LOL! I use Chrome normally, but soon as I brought up my account in IE, it worked in seconds. NOW, it may have been a glitch from CC I had downloaded that started the problem to begin with, but it may not have been. Either way, this is what worked for me Standard smile

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

Community Manager

Sorry about the inconvenience, and thanks for taking the time to share that information with everyone @EyliasG. I'm glad you could find a workaround Standard smile


Enjoy your new... world?


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