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Redeem a Code Broken

by CutieKitsune

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

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The ingame version doesn't work either... when you click on account details it doesn't come up and freezes but all the other pages are fine. Disappointing Frown

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

Community Manager

@Fayle174 The in-game version can be a bit slow. It's best to be patient with it and let the pages low for a few minutes before taking the next action. 


The studio is still looking into this issue!

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

[ Edited ]
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I am having this same exact issue. Its very frustrating! I am hoping they get this issue fixed as soon as possible.




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plz help me ... [Redeem a Code]

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i purchase sims 3 Roaring Heights 1 hous ago.
But I can't register my serial number in the page,
when i clicked [Redeem a Code], Nothing pops up in the page.
So I can not register an account, download my game.Devil

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Re: plz help me ... [Redeem a Code]

Community Manager

Hi @ranranstar,

I moved your post here because you are having the same issue. As EA_Kristi explained in her post, this problem is being investigated and the studio will fix it as soon as possible. While they work on a solution, you can redeem the code in-game following her instructions.


Thank you, I hope you enjoy your new world!


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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

Community Manager

Hello all,


This issue should now be resolved and you should be able to redeem the codes on website again. 


Let us know if you run into any further issues!


Thank you!

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

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I have experienced the same problem and I found a better workaround

1. go to
2. log in using your account
3. redeem the code

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

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have you tried redeeming your code on Origins web site. go to origins website log in, go to game library and on the upper right hand side is add a game, you can redeem your code there


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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

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To anyone else with this problem please try the link in @Iconer1's post it worked perfectly. I've been trying to fix the problem, contacted two people at EA, been going through customer service for 2+ hours and this worked amazingly! Thank you!!

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Re: Redeem a Code Broken

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How long are they going to be working on the Weekly Specials page? It has been down for several months now and all we keep on hearing is someone is working on it.

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