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Problems with Sims 3 and Windows 8

by lurlina

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Problems with Sims 3 and Windows 8

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I just upgraded to Windows 8 and downloaded the new patch. My game freezes even though the background still moves and there is sound effects. Also there is a glitch whenever I restart my game. After it froze the last time, I restarted my game and now I can't mix elixirs. After I upgraded to Windows 8 my game was sluggish but I could still play. After I installed the new patch I'm having a lot more problems.  Any help?

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Re: Problems with Sims 3 and Windows 8


Elixir Issue: That is a bug tied to unknown special seeds in your inventory. Remove them and you will be able to mix again.


Lagging: Try the cheat resetsim * to reset all Sims in your town

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Re: Problems with Sims 3 and Windows 8

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Have the same exact problem with the lagging, I have an i7 great fast laptop only a couple weeks old, and only one saved game even the graphics are medium tops. Its frustrating for it to freeze every few seconds when it was so fast the first three days I played I don't understand what's wrong!! Confusedmileymad: Saw a tech guy today, he says it may be Windows 8 still adjusting to the game, he says with my huge amount of ram and space I shouldn't have a problem with Sims 3 . I'm counting on more updates in the game to hopefully fix this problamo. Confusedmileyfrustrated:

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Re: Problems with Sims 3 and Windows 8

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I'm having the lagging problem too, really badly sometimes! I have a brand spanking new gaming laptop from Lenovo... with tons of space and processing power, there is no way it should be freezing all the time, it's so frustrating! Also, my game keeps crashing- Says there is an unknown problem with the program and self destructs. I've lost nearly a dozen games so far. Is there anything I can do other than wait for Sims to figure out windows 8?

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Re: Problems with Sims 3 and Windows 8

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Did you ever figure out how to fix it? I bought a brand new Lenovo desktop about a week ago, and installed this game 3 days ago, and I am having issues. It freezes, but I can still see the rain moving. Haven't ever had a problem running this game on Vista, but Windows 8 I am.

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