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Origin won't redeem my serial code

by megganmayhem

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Origin won't redeem my serial code

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I would just like to know why it seems to be impossible for me to redeem my serial code for the Sims 3 Pets. I bought this with someone else as a result of neither of us having sufficient funds for our owns games seperately. Obviously it is physically impossible for us to both have the game at the same time, I was told that we could register the game on origin and then play it from our computers without the use of the cd. If there is any other possible solution please inform me, thank you!

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Re: Origin won't redeem my serial code

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Hi megganmayhem,


Please register your game here:

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Re: Origin won't redeem my serial code

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I tried to register the game with sims following that link but it didnt work the first time then when i tried again it said the code was invalid... Frown 

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Re: Origin won't redeem my serial code

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Re: Origin won't redeem my serial code

if the game was bought 2nd hand/used the code/s will be tied to the original persons account and are non transferable nor can they be re registered to another account for ,newly bought games either from origin or from a shop/store even newly bought games can run into the used/invalid code issue and you may need to contact CS

solutions are 50/50 they work for some and not others and vice versa
I don't work for or have any association with EA
please remember your on a public forum never give out your codes your emails or phone numbers here on the forums or in a p.m
game issue questions belong in the forum please do not pm me with game issue questions
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