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Lagging with Island Paradise

by hebberdawg

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Lagging with Island Paradise

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I have windows 7 64 bit 16gb or ram and 3.50ghz processor and the new expansion is lagging pretty bad. I have tried looking at the forums but have found no answers. Sorry if I posted an already asked question. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Re: Lagging with Island Paradise

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Do you have any mods? or any custom content at all. I have no mods on my game but I did have something from the exchange and I tried removing that but I havent been able to test it to see if that was why it was lagging.

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Re: Lagging with Island Paradise

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I also have a lagging problem with my sims 3 island paradise.   when i dive it lags like hell and also using a house boat . i removed all my mods and CC . also disk defrag . remove all the .package files cleaned the all system up  . still laggy  great job EA games for another crappy rushed out expansion pack


My System Req is


AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor             (4 CPUs), ~3.6GHz

8192MB RAM

Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640

Dedicated Memory: 1994 MB



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Re: Lagging with Island Paradise

[ Edited ]
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I had the same massive lag issue that made me hate Island Paradise. I did exactly as benny1983uk indicated above. In addition, I used "gamebooster" and I was still lagging. Then I noticed it is not the expansion pack itself(which causes the lag), but the massive map of Isla Paradiso. Just yet I've discovered something that reduces this lag in a great deal. For this:


1- Get "Error Trap" and "Overwatch" from -Nraas- (place them into Mods/Packages of course)

2- Start a new game when you run the game(Do NOT use your old savegame).

That's all. I hope I could be helpful.  Standard smile

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Re: Lagging with Island Paradise

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Thanks Buddy ! I make sure i install it and give you feed back if theirs any improvment .  I'm Still Pretty Pissed After spending ovwer £800 Building a Custom Pc for a **bleep**ty design game to bring me to my knees

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Re: Lagging with Island Paradise

★★★★ Novice

right ..,. Still having lag issues  . i've installed both mod's and still having problems.Lets Face it the new world is riddle with **bleep**ty bugs.I rather just stay on moonlight falls atleast it dosen't lag there

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Re: Lagging with Island Paradise


Try resetting all your Sims in your town with the cheat resetsim *.

You might have a stuck Sim somewhere

Here's some more tips:

Good Luck and Happy Simmin


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Re: Lagging with Island Paradise

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I thought it might have been a stuck sim too, so I did resetsim * did nothing.


It sometimes works for all of an hour sim time but here is still massive lagging. I'm thinking I'm going to have to abandon this world and go back to another town until there's some sort of patch.

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Re: Lagging with Island Paradise

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Right So i Reset The entire town though the Master Controller  Guess What . No Effect what so ever .Iv'e Re installed all my sims 3 Games after a Fresh Reboot  Still Lagging . i installed the sims 3 and Island Paradise Together . Still Lagging  Did a compleat Update of everything  disk defrag cleaned up my PC . Still Lagging .  Lets Face it  The World was Rushed Yet again EA Games Don't Care about us  Only about the Money ,. I Tell you what for Free . I anit Buying The Sims 4 . Boycotting is The Only Way to Get them Running around in a panic . Tried for Two Days  To Contact them Still  Nothing  Keep ...


i really hate  EA games right now ...

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Re: Lagging with Island Paradise

★★★★ Novice

I have no custom content and dont even know what mods are. I just know that since I installed the expansion I have stopped playing because its so frustration. Frown

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