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I can't login through the Sims 3 Launcher.

by aliasaurora

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I can't login through the Sims 3 Launcher.

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Every time I try to log in to my Sims 3 account from the game launcher I get an error message that just says "Not logged in." I know the username and password is working because it works when I log in to the site on Firefox.


I've looked through past threads but I don't see a solution to my issue. I have Sims 3 on Steam and there aren't any answers in the Steam forums. I've tried manually updating my game, and I get an error message saying I have to have a copy of the Sims 3 installed before I can do that. (I know my game is installed and working because I can still play it.) I've tried clearing various caches in the game and on my browser.  


Edit: Also, 3rd-party sims3pack files don't appear in the launcher when I click on them, although clicking on a sims3pack file does open the launcher.


Is this an issue with EA not liking Steam? How do I fix it?

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Re: I can't login through the Sims 3 Launcher.

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Im having almost the same issue. The only difference is that it is acting like im not online to be able to login, even though I am connected to the internet. I do not believe that the issue is steming from the Steam application because I don't have my game set up through my steam account. I think the issue is that the launcher is not finding the required files that it needs to show that the computer is online. I think that EA will have to make an update to correct this problem for it to stop happening. Which sucks cause I have some lots I want to upload and share with everyone and I can't.

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Re: I can't login through the Sims 3 Launcher.




Login Issue: I would try clearing the browser cache of IE if that doesn't help, check with Steam or EA Customer support if something is wrong with your account.


Patch Issue: Steam has their own patches. Don't use the manual patch provided. You need to use the one provided through Steam.


Store Content: You need to tell your browser which program to associate with the sims3packs. See this for details:




@gidora: Try steam Support as well. 

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Re: I can't login through the Sims 3 Launcher.

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I have not used The Sims 3 from Steam before so not sure if this applies to you or not

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