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by Onlyteens91

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I’ve got a couple issues with my Sims 3 

1st off, I lost my Into The Future game disc, which is the disc I need in order to play the game. 

2nd off, When I go to origin and try to play through them, it takes me to the Sims 3 player thing, but every time I press play, it’ll load up but then start glitching. 

3rd off, my Sims 4 is downloaded but it won’t let me play it. If someone could help me, I’d appreciate it. I’m not very tech savvy and have no idea wtf is going on. 

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Re: Help!

@Onlyteens91  For the Sims 3 issue, the first thing to do is to move your entire TS3 game folder out of Documents and onto your desktop.  When you launch the game, does it load to the Main Menu?  Can you load a new save and play it for a bit, just to make sure it works?


If you can get to the Main Menu but the game asks for a disc (which you don't have), then the solution is to manually uninstall Into the Future, remove its registry entry, and reinstall it through Origin.  Then you should be able to play by launching through Origin without needing a disc.  Scroll down to the "manual uninstall" section of this post for instructions:


For Sims 4, I'm not sure whether I can help you, but clearing Origin's cache is always a good place to start.


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Re: Help!

@Onlyteens91  The DRM that requires you to have a disc to play is SafeDisc. Windows and OS X no longer support SafeDisc. If your base game is in Origin and you used the manual super patch (version 1.67?), Origin will patch the game to version 1.69 - there is no stand alone patch to 1.69. This Origin super patch will remove or disable SecuROM (your install limit) and SafeDisc (requiring a disc to play). Origin will be the DRM for this game (since 2012). Origin is like Valve's Steam. You really need to get the game to version 1.69.


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