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Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

by amber8900

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Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

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I downloaded & installed The Sims 3 downloadable version onto my MAC computer. After installing, I clicked on the game & as it opened, it said "Unknown Error Occurred." I tried deleting files in my library, but there were none suitable to delete. I am re-installing & re-downloading the game now, but it might happen again. Please help - I know this has happened to a LOT of people. What do I do? Thanks



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Re: Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

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Hi amber--


So this is a really common issue for Mac people, however it doesn't usually happen when the game first loads; I've only had that happen to me once and the next I opened it, it was fine.  For most people, it happens after a little while of play. Were you opening the game for the first time? Did you get any errors during installation and/or did you already add mods or any custom content?  

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Re: Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

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I have this problem everytime I install an Expansion pack.


1. Go into the application, "Disk Utility"

2. You're gonna see a thing-a-ma-bob that says "Recovery HD"

3. Click it

4. Now click "Restore"

5. Now "Recovery HD" should be in bold print.

6. Now uninstall everything Sims 3 (doing a back-up before this is pretty imperative!)

7. Start installing again


This fixed the problem for me, I hope it does for you too!

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Re: Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

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Hi, I recently re-installed origin and redownloaded & reinstalled both games, and they worked PERFECTLY! But thanks to anyone who gave a suggestion! If anyone has this problem, try this suggestion out ~ hope it helps you, too! If not - you can even talk to a game advisor or an expert, they really are helpful! Confusedmileyhappy:

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Re: Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

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Running on mac mountain lion 10.8.4



there are two ways this may work:


so ive had this problem for two days straight I've gotten errors from unknown error occurred to the icon just disappearing. the way i have found that this worked is i logged into my GUEST  login in mac and downloaded it there. Then went back to my main login to update and play.


That may work for some. But this worked for me the BEST


I plugged in an external drive like thumb drive, usb storage, something with more then 6gb available. I then went to GUEST login page and installed the sims 3 on that external drive. I went BACK to my main login opened the game and updated. I Launch the game from the thumb drive and its working for me!



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Re: Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

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you just re-installed them?????????

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Re: Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

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This has been going on WAY too long. If this was a PC problem they'd have it fixed in a couple days but because it's a Mac problem it gets set on the back shelf until someone feels like dealing with it. Bottom line is EA needs to get off their fat, overpaid, lazy, rear ends and FIX THE EFFING PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

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Once I click Recovery HD and restore nothing turns to bold print?

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Re: Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

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i don't know the way to recovery hd, can you show me carefully

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Re: Fix "Unknown Error Occurred"? SIMS 3 MAC

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For Mac simmers having this problem, please see the first post of the main Mac help thread:


Try the tips under 'primary things to try first'.


I see that some folk have tried reinstalling the game. So, if all else fails and you decide to reinstall, be sure to cleanly uninstall first.  When you uninstall TS3 games on your Mac using the uninstaller, the game leaves behind stray files and isn't completely removed from your computer. These files may conflict with future installations. It is best to completely remove them. BluebellFlora's website provides a guide on how to do this:

After cleanly uninstalling, install the base game and patch it up to date. If you cannot update via the Launcher, download and apply the latest cumulative manual patch (called the superpatch) for Mac.

Check that your game works properly. Then install any EPs and SPs that you own, in order of release date.

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