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Error code 12***FIX

by Octobers7blue7

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Error code 12***FIX

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Hi, my name is Erin and i never got error code 12 before, just a couple of months ago i bought the latest sims 3 games i have up to the university and now i get the Error code 12, i have reinstalled many times, i have the lastest updated drivers, my computer is up to date i have 4gb of ram it ran great before these last couple of games and updates. i have a 32 bit windows 7. I also have tried the save as and renaming it but it doesn't ever work for me. I am getting sick of the error, i don't know what happened with these past few games and updates but i was hoping you could solve the issue or have an answer for me, i have tried it all and nothing works. PLEASE HELP ME!


Update: okay that was me for weeks, i just found out how to fix the code well it worked for me i went a whole sim day with no error code and i just used the save button too. I googled the error code 12 and i saw a youtube video that i tried and it worked. im so excited. i want to share this!

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Re: Error code 12

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Re: Error code 12***FIX

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Hi guys, I know this is an older post but I have had Error 12 many times and I even lost a legacy because I could not get my game to stop crashing. I finally fixed it and I haven't seen this solution anywhere so I thought I'd share.

My current legacy had the same problem, crashing and Error 12, even after only 10 min of game play, plus it was incredibly laggy. I'm 5th generation in so the neighborhood is very populated but I really didn't want to start over again. I noticed the issue got much worse after returning home from travel. I tried everything, especially because my computer has more than enough memory for the game. I even rewrote the game files to use more memory with no luck.

So I tried to figure out what about travel was making the game such a problem. Meanwhile, in other worlds, my Sims were fine so it didn't seem to be them. Then I realized: after completing adventures, my Sim had thousands of things in their inventory.

Upon returning home to a world where I had a legacy, it just got completely out of hand because I had so many other Sims and things going on.

Then I realized that my Sims had quite the garden and had hundreds of every fruit/vegetable in their inventories too!

I sold all of their relics and things from travel and their fruits, and GUESS WHAT? Hours of game play with no lags, no crashes, and NO ERROR 12!

So for anyone with these errors - those inventories apparently take up too much memory. Clean everything out and it should resolve the problem!

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Re: Error code 12***FIX

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When I encounter this error not only in this game but some other games that so taxing consume more RAM.

You need to Increasing Pagefile or Virtual memory on your computer in most cases it will resolve this issue

Check on this website

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