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Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

by lauravonawesome

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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I agree with our lord and savior Catlee for spelling it out again and I express my extreme displeasure towards whoever approves these ads. For the love of god EA, please test these to confirm they actually work or else fix your servers. This is pissing me off.


Since the past two weeks or so, I've noticed an odd occasion where these same ads - the ones mentioned by Catlee and described as not working - WILL pay simpoints, but only when they feel like it. It's like they're passive aggressive and only want to function every 4 days or so, for a few hours. Because of this, it's been encouraging me to keep watching these ads hoping that maybe they'll get lucky and pay up to me instead of just giving the ad revenue to someone else and leaving me in the cold. But most of the time, no, this is not the case. This technical issue, whatever may be the cause, has wasted a significant amount of my time and precious processing power that I can never get back. I'm sure that if I had been properly serviced, I would have at least five thousand more simpoints in my account than I do right now.

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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I'm in a different country from @Catlee2 and @Nhizariak as I get different ads. The ones I get are either:


-big square ones (mostly Momtastic or Digital something-or-other)

-little square ones (for TD or some car dealership- I only get these on my laptop, not my PC)

-standard sized ones (Samsung, CIBC, and that long 3 minute one- again, these only play on my laptop, not my PC)


Currently, they all play to the end and none of them are paying. I'd estimate that I'm owed approximately 400-500 SP for the ads I watched over the weekend.I've tried 2 browsers and 3 different devices, so the issue is on EA's end, not mine.


I started off clicking just in case. But, since EA isn't paying me as promised, I'm not giving them any ad revenue either. I might  test a couple per day, just to see if they'll pay; when they don't, I just go about my day like the ads aren't even there.


As I've mentioned before, buying SP is not an option for me at the moment. And, even if it were, who's to say they'd even work, since EA would probably find a way to break that too.


I am so fed up with this; I've been calm and polite, but I'm starting to get annoyed. Surely that's understandable.

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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Oh wow, EA deleted my previous post~ which, by the way, was totally respectful and didn't use any 'bad' language. Way to go, guys.


All I said was that my ads are different from the two previous posts and that I'm frustrated with the darn things not paying. Don't see why that was worth deleting~ if anything, it makes it look like they're actively trying to silence us in order to make this issue go away so that they don't have to fix it


Spoiler alert: it won't.


ETA: looks like they restored the previous post. Goody.

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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Also, some screenshots: these are the ads I get the most frequently and, as you can see, they play through to the end. However, my SP balance remains unchanged, as has been the case since around 1am Friday.


If I were to be compensated for all the ads I watched between the 'maintenance' that started all this and now, I'd have 5000+ SP on my account. Instead, I'm trying to conserve every sp I have so that I can buy the items I want.






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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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Has anyone thought that not watching the ads would cause the advertisers to get frustrated with the lack of views that they have paid for and EA to risk a loss of ad revenue?

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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@EA_Mai @EA_Mat Could you please give us an update or maybe even a fix to this annoying issue of ads not giving us simpoints. I would have had many more simpoints than what i have right now if ads did work. I feel that we should be gifted all of the simpoints that we should have gotten or even better just a permanent fix to this! I was heartbroken when this issue started because i was saving up simpoints to buy really expensive items on the store like worlds and venues, but now i cant. Thank you and we are all waiting for any update or fix from you.

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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@Catlee2  You spelled it all out PERFECTLY!!! Great job & Thank you for taking the time to do that!!!  

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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@Pholo1I usually stop watching the ads as soon as I realize they're broken~ if the points I earned are not there within the specified 24 hours, I stop clicking (other than the 1 or so a day I use to test).


I'm not giving EA more free money than is necessary, and I hope no one else is either. Someone needs to hold them accountable for not following through on their end of the deal.

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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Community Manager

Hi everyone,


Thanks again for your detailed posts Standard smile, I have been sending the information to the team.


I'm subscribed to this thread and reading your posts, so please, don't post in other threads asking me to come here, there's no need and it's disrespectful towards other players. I will post if I have any news for you. Wink


If the adds are not working for you, my recommendation at the moment is to wait until you have news from us instead of keep watching them.


Thank you very much for your patience while the issue is being investigated,



PS: Sorry, @lauravonawesome, your post was eaten by the spam filter for some reason. You would have been notified explaining what was wrong with the post if it had been removed. If it ever happens again, feel free to send me a private message so I can look into it.

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Re: Sims 3 Store Specials, Login, and Make Me An Offer Broken

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@EA_Mai~ thank you so much for looking into this. I do appreciate it.


After noticing that 10 SP appeared on my account a few minutes ago, I tested a few ads. They're different than the ones I was getting, and I got 3 in a row just now that did pay. Not sure if that helps in any way, but I'll be happy to provide any info that might help fix this.

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