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Attraction System - Family / In-Law Issues

by missnic825

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Attraction System - Family / In-Law Issues

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I am having what I consider to be a huge problem with the "attraction system" in my Sims 3 game.  I have a couple who has been married a long time, remained faithful, and are at the point where they have the "Eternally Faithful" moodlet, which is great.  They are both "Family-Oriented" too, by the way.  Anyway, now that their children are grown, their children have spouses.  There is both a daughter-in-law who is living with this couple (along with their son / her husband, of course), and a son-in-law who WAS living there, where the problems have occurred.  Well, first of all, the "attraction / ooh la la" / magnet - heart moodlet will show up for both the father-in-law and the daughter-in-law (mind you, they do not get this for their respective spouses, not even the "eternally faithful" father-in-law).  That part is bad enough, but the problem is that lately, if left on free will, one of them will at times attempt to initiate romantic interactions (either the daughter-in-law to the father-in-law or vice-versa).  These have included "flirt", "compliment appearance", "hold hands", etc.   LUCKILY, I have caught this before the interactions go through and cancel them out, but it is QUITE annoying to have to constantly monitor what they are doing to make sure they don't start interacting romantically with each other.  THEY ARE RELATED!!!  By marriage, yes, but I do not care for my Sims family to behave like guests on "Jerry Springer"!!  I should NOT have to worry about a father-in-law (especially one who has earned the "eternally faithful" reputation) trying to put the moves on his son's wife!  Or vice-versa.


Also, a similar thing happened when this couple's daughter and her husband lived in their house.  Apparently the son-in-law and mother-in-law were attracted to each other (same moodlet as described as above would come up).  Again, kind of creepy, but I can deal with that.  But the same thing happened - there were several times I would catch the mother-in-law have a romantic interaction in her queue for the son-in-law!!  Again, she has the "eternally faithful" moodlet - why the heck would she be macking on her daughter's son??? Once, it said she was going to "hold hands" with the son-in-law - mind you, he was talking to her husband at the time - really, she was going to go put the moves on the son-in-law right in front of her husband??  Again, I was able to cancel these interactions before they started, but I really don't think I should have to micro-monitor everything they are doing, as it would be highly uncharacteristic for either member of an "eternally faithful" pairing to be constantly trying to hit on someone else, ESPECIALLY a son-in-law or daughter-in-law!!


Looking online I have seen there are many other complaints other Sims 3 gamers have regarding this "attraction system".  The whole getting calls for dates constantly is annoying enough (especially when your sims are married, and again, sometimes these calls come from in-laws, creepy), but at least with that, you get a pop-up where you can reject the date.  I really do not think I should have to turn off free will just to make sure members of the household are not trying to hit on their in-laws all the time.  For whatever reason, this part (trying to flirt with them autonomously), is something that seems to have gotten worse in the past few days, so I'm not sure if it is somehow related to a recent patch, or what.  I can only hope someone will address and please fix this, perhaps with a new patch!!  Sims should NOT be autonomously trying to hit on their in-laws!!  If someone wants to make that kind of family, that's fine, they can direct their sims to do these things, but I don't see how it is acceptable for these sims to attempt these things autonomouly.  Sorry I have gone on and on about this, but it really is frustrating and even somewhat offensive to me.  I'm sure there may be some who find this stuff humorous, but that is not my play style(I take my "sim-life" very seriously).  If anyone has any advice on how I might fix this, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Normally I am opposed to cheats, but in this case, I would even be willing to use them, as I look at this as a faulty aspect of the game (I am not opposed to the idea of using cheats to address a "glitch").


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Re: Attraction System - Family / In-Law Issues

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Try this download from Mod the Sims, in particular, the Purity version. If it does what it says, your "eternally faithful" sims should remain how you wish them to be. I long used this patch and those annoying, cheating tendencies stopped altogether!

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