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Re: 'A serious error has occurred'

by Player_q1mbatqe

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Re: 'A serious error has occurred'

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Thank you so much @AvyK4

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Re: 'A serious error has occurred'

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@eacharlotte wrote:

Hello @jessjed,


You could try the following:


  • "Find the sims 3 saves folder usually in Documents/Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3/ Saves. Find the most recent sims3file.
  • Then find the one that is a sims3.backup file.
  • Change the name of the most recent one to Sunset Valley.sims3.bad and then rename the backup to Sunset Valley.sims3 (no period after sims3).
  • Whenever you play the game make sure to use "save as" (just number them, 1, 2, 3 etc) instead of save and be sure to save often.



If this still doesn't work, then you'll probably have to do a clean install. Do you have any mods or CC installed?


Thank you so much eacharlotte! I was having the same issue and carefully followed your instructions. My family have loaded successfully and to be on the safe side, from now on I'll be using the option to "save as" to make multiple saves instead of the standard save option. To be extra cautious, I'm also going to move my family to another neighborhood & save the family and household to the folder, just in case Wink


Thanks again. I've spent so long on this family that I was about ready to flip when it came up with the error message lol



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Re: 'A serious error has occurred'

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My game doesn't have a backup for the save that keeps showing this error. I really want to play my household but I can't! My pet cat is going to have kittens, and I need to make sure she's OK!

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Re: 'A serious error has occurred'

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Re: 'A serious error has occurred'

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I am having a similar problem and when I tried to find my electronic arts folder i found that there were now two. not sure why this happened but i'm hoping the redundancy is the problem. going to cross my fingers and hope this works.

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Re: 'A serious error has occurred'

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Hi everyone, the problem is generally caused by a downloaded object file being missing.


Usually this is the world file... so look in your Sims 3 file for an 'installed worlds' file. If nothing is there you must find the original world file used and install that to your sim game. (Note: copying them into the folder does not install them, you have to do that manually by opening each one).


Hope that helps.

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