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Re: post to Simpson Babies glitch

by 1EllieG7294

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post to Simpson Babies glitch

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Rewards of donuts not received in my account, and not shown on reward board till after the stage has been completed.  I am now on 4th stage of the promotion, and no donuts shown on reward board.  At this point, I am owed 29donuts.

Though message sent to support staff, no reply, and no donuts.  There should be a message to players if one must spend a certain amount of cash to have full promotion rewards.  So disappointed with EA...


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Re: post to Simpson Babies glitch

These are the prizes that were either the prize or some donuts
Old Simpson Farm or 6 Donuts
Ling Bouvier or 12 Donuts
Jazz Hole w/ Bleeding Gums Murphy or 12 Donuts
Kamp Krusty w/ Kamp Bart or 12 Donuts
I know that I got Ling during this event but now it shows donuts as my prize.
Did you receive these buildings during this event? If you did then the donuts pictured are a display glitch.
I am not an EA Employee. Just a player who likes to help other players
If this answer solved your problem, please mark as the solution or grant some XP
Thanks and happy tapping
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Re: post to Simpson Babies glitch

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I can’t progress “Age against the machine”, the quest is stuck on the bart/mr.burns part!

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Re: post to Simpson Babies glitch

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Without more info on exactly which part, I am going to say you need to scroll as there are other tasks to do @Jellax-jedi 

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