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event item was lost from shop

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hi everyone
all event item was lost from shop. please help, what should I do? i try rebooted and reinstall game, but It did not help.

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Maude Flanders not available in THOH Mystery Box

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I  have never unlocked Maude Flanders, and was looking forward to having the chance to get her from the THOH Mystery Box. However she is not in the Mystery Box, whereas other people I know have her available. I have spoken to EA support, who said that it appears to be a bug, and to post here. Has anyone had any success in making her available?

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Re: event item was lost from shop

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That exact thing is happening to me. I believe it was caused  when I tried to complete a quest from last event, that thing about superheros. The moment I started that thing, it erased all halloween stuff from the store. I thought maybe if I completed the quest, things would go back to normal but they didnt. Also tried to reinstall the game and didn't work either. I hope somebody fix this :'(

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Re: event item was lost from shop

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I've heard this from many others. The only fix will come when EA issues a patch. 

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Re: event item was lost from shop

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So Sounds like a lot of players have to do without items in the store until they get around getting a patch in game. The other 2 big ones are the crafting tree with items locked despite meeting all requirements same with Flanders Family Tome resetting. Today alone 2 items hit the store and come Thursday and Friday 2 more items come in 1 being the Gil Deal. I would not be surprised there are players that like the event and got hit with these glitches decided to quit playing because of them.

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Re: event item was lost from shop

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I had the same problem, amongst others. The update Monday seemed to fix the store issue, but not most of the others.
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