Where's maggie

by moyoni

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Where's maggie

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Where's Maggie freezes at start. 


Maggie grabs her balloon and the starts rising, disappears and reappears back on the start position.


I can can hear the timer counting down, but no visual except for toy factory and Maggie. Game freezes and won't accept touch input.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I have left the game and reloaded immediately - which sets the counter to play the game to five minutes. Started just after fireman initial launch date.


i used to get three donuts every three days with this mini game, so now I have lost 15 donuts so far with this issue.

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Re: Where's maggie

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Yes.  I encountered this for the whole fire fighting event.  I have posted much earlier and Ea Zoe said he will bring the case to the EA team.

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