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Unable to build Guilded Truffle

by urukas13

Original Post

Unable to build Guilded Truffle

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Hi EA Help.

I've been playing Simpsons: Tapped out for a while now and everything is running smoothly, but the mission that says: Reach level 16 and build Guilded Truffle is not working for me. I am lvl 17 already and im still not able to build it, even though i have enough money. Whenever i try to build it, i just cannot, because it has a padlock on it. What can i do to get through this.




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Re: Unable to build Guilded Truffle

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You have to do the previous tasks before it then.  You clearly haven't.

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Re: Unable to build Guilded Truffle

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So you are basically saying that we have to build the popsicle skyscraper in order to build the Guilded Truffle, even though it's not requested of us to do so like other quests?
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Re: Unable to build Guilded Truffle

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No, I built The Guilded Truffle and I haven't got the Popsicle Stick thing.

You have to have done all the character challenges the game decides you need to do before you can build certain things.

I'm going to PM you shortly.

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Re: Unable to build Guilded Truffle

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I've got the same problem. The Giled Truffle Quest is active now - it's on left panel "Moe's New Suit Pt.2". When I click on "Reach level 16 and Build the Gilded Truffle (I'm 18 level now) it leads me to Buildings and the Title "Gilded Truffle" is yellow but there is padlock on it. 

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Re: Unable to build Guilded Truffle

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Having the same problem was all excited to reach level 16 to do the Moe's new suit pt 2 quests but then couldn't get to build the  Gilded Truffle Frown 

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Re: Unable to build Guilded Truffle

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Hi All,

This is a common problem due to some players getting lots of XP due to avid playing or house farming.

You still have to complete the relevant tasks in order to unlock certain items.

Check out this website and you should be able to work out what you need to complete in order to build The Guilded Truffle.

Standard smile
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Re: Unable to build Guilded Truffle

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This is extremely common especially for people who have lots of friends and/or large house farms and/or players who simply play very often. You can actually level up faster than you can complete the quests. To unlock buildings and you have to both be at a certain level AND complete a series of quests. See this link to give you an idea (it is an idea ONLY but know that the game does not always 100% follow this order) of the quests.

Once you have completed the quests, the building will unlock. Unfortunately, you will need to be patient and wait for the quests. Most players experience this vary same issue. It is part of the game.
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Re: Unable to build Guilded Truffle

[ Edited ]
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I've read through the posts and remarks from the EA staff and would like to thank you. 


For me personally, I did level very fast however I'm stuck waiting to build The Guilded Truffle as well in that I have no quests for it.
Here is what I have done to try and get the quests to pop:

-Put into storage and then took back out Jake's Unisex Hair Palace & Springfield Downs

-Cleared yellow quests in quest log for main characters

-Made everyone available while finishing some of the earlier quests (again)


I did make characters rush through quests so I'm not sure if thats being taken into accout b/c I have no "!" above any characters heads while their all walking around and I'm level 23.  Could it be the way the game is designed is on a real timer, not game based?

Anyways suggestions and/or thoughts would be great!  <JustinStump>


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Re: Unable to build Guilded Truffle

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★ Guide

More than likely you haven't triggered the correct quest to be able to build the Guilded Truffle. The given "required level" is only the minimum level you need to be before you even have to chance build it, not the level you will absolutely get it. In fact, even if you don't rush any or XP farm or anything like that, you'll more than likely be at least one or even two levels above the minimum level requirement all the time.


@asfodeil:  "Moe's New Suit Pt.2" is not actually the task line that triggers the build. It is simply a task that requires you to have the Gilded Truffle, since Moe does that task in the Gilded Truffle.  The task line you need to trigger the prompt to build the Gilded Truffle is actually Truffle Surprise (the build is part 3).


Walkthrough snippet leading up to Gilded Truffle:





Springfield Downs - $34,500 (24 hour build) ($38,000) 
Main Quests: 
1. Homer prompts the building of Springfield Downs. (Double Down on She's a Loser Pt. 1

Side Quests: 
1. Double Down on She's a Loser Pt. 2 - Place a bet at Springfield Downs 

Notes: Complete these challenges when prompted as they could be required for other buildings: 
1. Marge Clean the House (3 hours) (Time to Clean House[/]) 
2. Milhouse go to school (8 hours) & Bart skip school (6 hours) ([i]Teamwork

Required Level: 15/16 
Required Quests: 
1. Is There an Al-Coholic Here? Pt. 2Homer drink at Moe's 
2. Free Band-Aids with Every Cut Pt. 2 - Marge visit Jake's 
3. I'm Stalking on Sunshine - Moe Spy on Marge 

Glided Truffle - $31,000 (24 hour build) 
1. Marge prompts Homer to visit Springfield Downs (3 hours) (Truffle Surprise Pt. 1
2. Homer to Kwik-E Mart (1 hour) (Truffle Surprise Pt. 2
3. Marge prompts the building of the Guilded Truffle (24 hours) (Truffle Surprise Pt. 3
4. Homer & Marge dine at Gilded Truffle (2 hour). (Truffle Surprise Pt. 4

Required Level: 16 
Required Quests: 
1. Teamwork - Milhouse go to school & Bart skip school 

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