The Simpsons Tapped Out Crashing since update!!!

by BurghBaby

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The Simpsons Tapped Out Crashing since update!!!

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EA is aware of this issue and they are working on it. Not sure of a time of fix. Hopefully soon! Please post here 




How long you have had the issue! 



EDIT: you may also want to put in a support ticket with EA as well. But I am not sure if bombing them with this is going to get fixed faster.....or take more time because they are filing complaints on an issue they are aware of. The choice is yours to make. 


Go to
Log in with your Origin ID
Click on help with a game
Click on the Simpson's Tapped Out logo
Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on contact us
Select your appropriate platform
Click next on bottom right
Select a topic
Tell us a little more: Simpson's Tapped Out
Click next

You will then have the option for Answer HQ, Live Chat or Email or a Call Me Option!

If you see live chat and want to wait, click it.

If you want to send an email, click that one.

If you want a call back, choose that one and enter a phone number for them to call you back!


Good luck!



Good Luck,~BB~

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I cannot login to my Taped Out. This has never happened before. I get the living screen. I tap and then the doughnut spins twice and crashes. Please help.
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Re: Simpsons tapped out crashing -corrupt account?

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I ended up emailing EA Support. It sounds like the initial crash corrupted the game save file. It can be restored, but the backup is taken during the initial login for the day, which means any progress the rest of the day is lost. The good news is that the Christmas tasks can most likely still be caught up (I think).


An excerpt from the email I received:

In the meantime, it seems that the issue you are experiencing is normally caused by a corrupt save of your land the last time you closed the game. Thankfully we can fix this issue by restoring your town from a backup stored on our servers, these backups are taken daily from the first login of the day. If you can please let me know the last date that you played successfully without this problem and I will roll back the game to the backup from that date. This will hopefully resolve the issue for you. 

Please be aware though that restoring a backup to your town will reset the town to the state it was in at the time the backup was taken. This means there is a possibility of lost progress, such as xp, money, donuts & any items or characters you may have purchased.


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Re: Tapped out crashes after Christmas 2014 update

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Same thing just started happening to me can't play my game and I'm so upset. It just crashes after login screen. I've tried everything I'm totally bummed. EA please help us!!!
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Tapped out crashes after Christmas 2014 update

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Was able to update and started playing and building gift store last night. This morning after donut spins and my login shows game crashes to home screen. I am on iPad air running 8.1.1. If I start game over it will run but with my login just crashes all day. On level 42 and just want to resume my game. Have deleted and reinstalled and have also rebooted my iPad. Thought maybe a glitch in game but it seems there is a problem with my account. Can anyone help me?? All pumped for Christmas update
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Re: Tapped out crashes after Christmas 2014 update

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Seems to be happening to quite a few players. If you've tried force-closing the app; turning off and back on your device; updating your device and an uninstall/reinstall then you've done pretty much everything you can do at your end. 

Have you opened a support ticket with EA to let them know? This can be done via


I think what might help is if the following information is posted by people who are having trouble with the update. This way it should be easier to spot a pattern: 


Origin ID 

Level of Town

Primary Device you play game on (e.g. iPad2 etc):

Operating System and version (e.g. iOs 8.1)

Type of Wi-Fi Connection (3G/4G or wireless?)

Has uninstall/reinstall solved anything?

Nature of fault/where fault turns up (e.g. can't finish downloading update, game hangs when entering town)

Secondary Device(s) you play game on:

Does fault occur with secondary device as well?

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Re: Tapped out crashes after Christmas 2014 update

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Happening to me too.  It did with the Halloween update.  The only thing that fixed it was another update.

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Re: Tapped out crashes after Christmas 2014 update

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Same with mine. I'm level 44. It worked for about an hour after the update, but now it either just crashes, or informs me I need to log out of my other device to play. Thing is, I don't have another device. I only play on my iPad. Have tried rebooting, force close and reinstalling, all with no luck. Have just emailed EA so we shall see what they say.
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Re: Tapped out crashes after Christmas 2014 update

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Also had this problem, updated fine initially, played a few quests, then opened this morning (UK) and it crashes after logging me in to Origin. Doesn't load the town at all. Such a pain during a seasonal event! Frown

Level: 43
Device: iPad mini
iOs 8.1.1
Happens on 3G and wifi
Restarting iPad did nothing
Uninstall/reinstall did nothing
Not playing on a secondary device
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Simpsons tapped out crashing

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Game won't load. Tried to delete and download again. No luck. Frown
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