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TSTO Rushing Employment Office causes game to crash on ipad.

by KLmaker

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TSTO Rushing Employment Office causes game to crash on ipad.

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Dear EA. 


Since you have done an update at some point, the iPad I play on constantly misbehaves when it did not do this before. 


One problem is whenever I rush the Employment Office the game crashes and exits the app. 

It has done this since around the time the SkyFinger statue was created, maybe just before it. 


Since you have neglected the servers, crashing has become so common that it is difficult to ascertain why our games have crashed, until some time later when we have established a pattern of faults, by which time we have forgotten the first time that such a fault occurred. 


It does not matter which jobs are being rushed, I get the thumbs up, about 5 to 10 seconds later, the screen freezes for about 2 seconds, then the screen goes black and I am back at the Games menu. 


Sometimes, when I log back in, all the characters are back at work and I have to rush them again, then it crashes again, I log back in and even have had to rush them a third time. 


It did not do this previously and there are no problems like this with other apps, it is only TSTO that does it. 


I also noticed if I had SkyFinger placed in my town and I rushed jobs, not only did the game crash everytime, but the tax on buildings reset to zero.

I have lost hundreds of thousands of In Game Cash because of this. 


When the game freezes and crashes it is no different to the lag we are forced to suffer, collecting taxes and I&SL rides are just two examples. 

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