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Squidport and krustyland

by deanm4

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Squidport and krustyland

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I'm on level 100 and haven't had a mission on either since level 40?? Any suggestions?
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Re: Squidport and krustyland

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Once you have the Tooth Chipper in Krustyland that's it.  Just keep visiting to collect Tickets and play Sideshow You.  Tickets can be exchanged for cash.  Sideshow You pays out 5 donuts every 120 rounds (360 balloons popped).


There aren't a lot of specific Squidport tasks either.  Once you have all the Boardwalk tiles finished, that's it.  There's a lot more buildings and stuff you can put on the tiles other than the ones specifically designed for it, so you can expand your town onto it and make a little more room for buildings.  I got the Yellow Submersible in 2 of my towns so I have a lot more tiles than you can craft at the Entrance.  If you get the chance to buy it be sure to do so.

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