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Simpsons Tapped Out Valentine Crashes after "Tap To Continue"

by rabidrobert

Original Post

Re: Simpsons Tapped Out Won't Load - Stuck on Main Screen

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Same problem since Saturday, (Aussie time) EA, HURRY THE HELL UP AND FIX IT! I just bought doughnuts too, maybe related? Any way EA, FIIIIIXXXX IIIIIITT!!
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Re: When is Simpsons Tapped out going to be fixed? Reference Harp of Death

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Ridiculous! This is taken way too long to fix already! May just delete the game now! Can't be bothered with companies with bad customer service. I will have wasted a lot of money on the game so will be contacting EA for a refund!
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Re: simpsons tapped out will not load

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Yep got the same harp **bleep**e - game just updated to latest level and won't load - nephews account level not as high works fine ??????
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Re: When is Simpsons Tapped out going to be fixed? Reference Harp of Death

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I've left it playing for about 20 minutes four times already today and still no change at all :/!!
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Does EA/Origin even care that we have been unable to play TSTO because load screen is locked

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WHEN IS EA/ORIGIN GOING TO FIX THE SCREEN FREEZE AND ANNOYING HARP SOUND? I think you all are laughing in your little cubicles at all this and want to see how angry you can make everyone. We have been without TSTO for TOO LONG because the screen is frozen at start up. It would be nice if you came out of hiding and let your loyal gamers know that something is being done.n your inactivity should be an embarrassment, but it seems you don't care. COULD YOU PLEASE HAVE THE DECENCY TO AKE A COMMENT WHEN IT WOULD BE FIXED.
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Simpsons tapped out froze

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As i finally got "the wiggam house, an unlocked ralphie wiggam", got half way through level 26, saved up 30 donuts, around $35,000, and 6 hearts for the valentines promo. The game froze when i went to the other Springfield. That was last night, its not a hardware issue, for i reset the game, re-downoaded, and even tried on my wife's ipad. What happens is when i log in, the sound of open a prize, or something like that, and that sound is heard over and over again. Please help.
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Simpson tapped out can not play lost level

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iWeb I log in to Simpsons tapped out it plays the harp but if I start a new game all my friends are there and I can go to there Simpsons towns d
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cant play

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my game freezes st the log in screen. what do I do yo get it up and running again?
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Re: Simpsons tapped out froze

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Yes this happens a lot try this log out of your account then start a new game and see if you still got all your friends. You will not lose your game . I have the same problum
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I’m having problems with my tepped out.

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I don't know why, but I've been having some weird trouble connecting to the tepped oup today.

Please check it carefully.


my id is


i pad2.   ios 6.1.2



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