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Sign in on Samsung tablet 2

by 88kimmy88

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Sign in on Samsung tablet 2

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My husband has the Samsung tablet 2 playing the game and wants to log in and play with friends how can he do that? I have no problems adding people on my iPad game. Please help.
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Re: Sign in on Samsung tablet 2

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The Android version of the game does not currently support that functionality.
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Re: Sign in on Samsung tablet 2

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unfortunately there is no way of doing it unless your devices are rooted which i dontthink you will want to do tbh.
i am upgrading from a S3 to the S4 later this month so i am going to lose all my data which sucks because i am on level 27 :/

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Re: Sign in on Samsung tablet 2

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I'm having the same problem. I can't sign in on my samsung tablet tab e with my email [edit: email address removed]


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Re: Sign in on Samsung tablet 2


A lot have happened in 6 years, tablets are a lot more advanced

Instead of saying this is my issue too, perhaps you could give some more details, considering that the problem might be unrelated to the the ones that 6 year old devices were having.


Have you done any trouble shooting?

Hard close?

Restart game/device?

Tried another connection, wifi, 4G?

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