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Re: Shields disappearing bug

by 2montmorency

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Shields disappearing bug

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Had 4 buildings with shields on them. Didn't tap them and went to Krustyland to get Homer first. Came back and the shields had gone but the buildings were still standing. This means I lose out on elixir and gold from defending or re building them, as does the visitor who has also wasted nerds for no benefit.

I guess the missing handshake bug is still around and this is its new incarnation or variation?
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Re: Shields disappearing bug

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When you click on either the buildings or the castle, do you get an option to revenge? 


Also, I haven't seen this yet but you might want to bring it to a game advisor's attention to make them aware of it. Follow the link: .


Then do the following:

Click on: Help with a Game
Then in the bar that says Search all Products
Click on Tapped Out
Select a topic
Scroll down to "contact us" then select a platform
An option to contact EA will come up

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Re: Shields disappearing bug

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Yes, I put a ticket in. Also posted in the Games Discussion section of the TSTO forum and others have the same problem. Sounds reproducible so hopefully this bug can be fixed quickly.

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Re: Shields disappearing bug

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Sorry, and I should have said that when you click on the now-clear buildings, in my case they were cash-ready so I just got a normal payout. Nothing came up about revenge etc. The castle was clear at the time if I remember correctly.
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Re: Shields disappearing bug

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If you mean this forum: , I saw some posts there yesterday evening. If anyone else is visiting Krustyland and losing shields, would you please add to this post and not open a new one? That way we can see how many other people are noticing this glitch. Thanks.

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Re: Shields disappearing bug

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I experienced the same thing in my Springfiel yesterday evening

After nearly 20 hours offline, I logged into my Springfield in the evening and had A LOT of destroyed houses (almost all my blue houses were attacked, have around 100?) and also lot of Shields. I was happy, as this meant a lot of elixir and Gold for me.

Then I first cleared my money and decided to leave the attacked and destroyed buildings for now, just to clear Krusty Land first and go back to clear everything, upgrade my castle and so on.

When I returned into my Springfield, ALL Shields were gone and ALL destroyed houses were repaired. I thought this was a display issue and closed my game, cleared cache and returned.

But still, everything was gone. So, I lost every single elixir and gold from that day. D'oh!


My account is : [edit: email address removed]


Any help?`Do I get my drinks and gold back? Do I need to escalate / open a ticket somewhere else? Standard smile





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Re: Shields disappearing bug

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I have the same issue as well and no, when I click on the newly cleared house, there is not an option to get revenge. Jut a dollar sign as if no attack ever happened. 

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Re: Shields disappearing bug

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Indys2nd: I tried the chat method, but the live chat window says that the approximate wait time is 35-40 minutes.  That's not very live or useful.


Edit:  For those wondering, it took 50 minutes for the live chat to finally initiate.

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Re: Shields disappearing bug

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Device/OS: iPad Mini, iOS 7.1.2

I, too, am experiencing the Krustyland/disappearing Shields bug. I was advised on another thread to try to "sync" my game before leaving Springfield to go to Krustyland (by exiting to the friends screen, visiting "other Springfield," or another friend). But this has had no effect on the glitch. Once I get the "synchronizing" message, go back into Springfield, and then to Krustyland all shields are missing upon my return.

I might also be experiencing problems with the "invisible handshakes" dilemma. But how can I really tell the difference between neighbors who are visiting and whose handshakes aren't showing vs. neighbors who just aren't visiting? What a silly little Catch-22 of a glitch. My primary town looks tappable/available from my secondary town, so…
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Shield disappearing bug

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I purposely left my houses undefended so the other party can get the max elixir payout.  All shields disappear after a visit to Krustlyland.  I probably had over 20 shields there.  It happened twice, I didn't know what was happening the first time.  So I didn't post it.

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