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Re: Servers overwhelmed? can't log on tapped out

by astroboyffs

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Servers overwhelmed? can't log on tapped out

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I've been trying to log on for more than 24 hours but failed. It says server can't be reached

I used donuts to get the penultimate item for this event and i was planning to get as close as possible to baby Gerard goal and use more donuts to get him but now that i can't log on, i can't reduce the number of required donuts and i can't play at all.

Am i the only one with this problem? it's so frustrating really.

I'm not going to use all my donuts on that last item so i'm giving up on that character but i don't want to give up on that game.

I really hope it'll be fixed at some point?

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Re: Servers overwhelmed? can't log on tapped out

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Close your game.

Pull up the App Manager and swipe the game away.

Turn off your device.

Turn off your internet hardware - wireless router, modem, etc.

Wait 15 to 30 seconds.

Turn your internet hardware back on.

Start your device.

Start the game.

That usually fixes it.

I am not a Customer Service Rep
I don't work for EA - they couldn't afford my brilliance
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Re: Servers overwhelmed? can't log on tapped out

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Yeah tried that and it didn't work.. same story everytime there's a special event.. now i just wish i hadn't spent those donuts for nothing but i'll know for next one.


Thanks anyway

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