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Quests are not available to me

by driccardo

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Re: Quests are not available to me

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HimI am on level 18 and have hardly any quest to do. I have only got up to willies shack. i have left all my people free together but still nothing, i have no power plants and not many people. The only quest i have is to decorate houses which, i have not got as I have not had the quests to build them. I also have the quest to get the little helper dog, but need 1500 coins and apud is 4 days into his 7 day stint in kwiki mart. no quests for building or anything else. 


Can anyone help please.  Vanessa1964 user 

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Re: Quests are not available to me

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Hi I am in the same position. Level 18. And have onlymgot as far as willies shack, the. Nothing, no buildings, no power stations,  It seems to be stuck. The people have no tasks to do. I have checked them all. I also dont have many people.

level 18 and I dont have bart, madge, or anybody else.  do anyone know how to fix this,

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Re: Quests are not available to me

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Hi Ursula,

i am on level 18, and nothing since willies shack, no power station, core reactor, nothing. Also no more houses. 

I was getting quests and then suddenly they stopped. The only things i have outstanding is, apu 4 days into a 7 day a kwikii mart and decorate houses which I cannot build as no quests to build and get santas little helper 1500 santa coins. 


I am not getting any normal quest to build or do anything. Can you help as I cannot advance in the game. I am levelling up but no building or anything since willies shack.   Vanessa1964

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Re: Quests are not available to me

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I'm stuck with the simpsons at the moment as i have been given a valentimes quest to get homer to do a shift so he can buy flowers but first i have to build the controol center, which im not allowed to do. my friend says i need to get the cooling towers first but i cant and as it is a valentimes day quest it will run out on the 28th and i would really like to do it. what do i need to do to be able to get the 3 parts of the nuclear power plant please help meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :c  :3

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Re: Quests are not available to me

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Re: Quests are not available to me

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I am at level 14 and I cant seem to get the Springfield Library or barts tree house (level 12) androids Dungeon and the Orange House Level 13 or the first church of Springfield or Java Server level 14. What up? What do I have to do. I complete all the task what more can I do?

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Re: Not getting any new tasks to complete

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Me too I have other problems but have spent nearly 40 dollars and cant get my quest past level 12 and I am at level 14. EA is no help at all.

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Re: Quests are not available to me

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I have the same problem


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Re: Quests are not available to me

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I cant even build cletus fkn house.

this is crap!!!

not spending a cent on this until some one tells me how to fix


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Quests are not available to me/ Skipped Quest?

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I am at level 14 and still unable to get the gulp n' blow, i have done every request that has come my way. Im pretty sure i have done Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 1 & 2. But I am still unable to purchase the building. It is completly unavailable. sayin i still need Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 3, which is build the gulp n' blow. ive made homer eat at Krustys a bunch and nothing has popped up.


really want to get it please help!!!


I have built the school and willies shack, even the power plant!!

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