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No bears in other Springfield all day?

by joannewest97

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Re: No bears in other Springfield all day?

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Hi there, because it's been days without bears or friendship points in the Othet Springfield, EA should give all us pkayers the amount we've missed out on. Especially as this part of the game is nearly over. We need all the pacifiers we can get. Thank you.

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Re: No bears in other Springfield all day?

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There's now only 2 days left on the clock and I think I'm going to be short by a couple of hundred bears. This is really frustrating and cos be 16 days wasted.

Come on EA double the drop rate in the last 24 hours or two us something.
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Re: No bears in other Springfield all day?

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I think at this point with only 24 hours left to the Winter Event, it would probably just be easier for them to just reward everyone with either a handful of donuts or just extend the winter event for an extra day or two. I doubt the problem with the bears spawning in the town will be rectified since the town itself doesn't actually 'play' the game which is why you might notice that Sideshow Bob can still be 'sent back to jail' in Other Springfield upon clicking on him. The same goes for the maggy situation. Since the town isn't actually 'played', it never went through the maggie side-quest which is what your friends must do in order to have bears spawn in their towns. 


As a side-note, the best solution for this would be to simply not have events where spawning things only exist when a town has perform a certain quest in future events (unless you program the town to actually 'complete' the required missions instead of just dumping all characters and assets into the town like it is run now.)



  • Bears still don't spawn in Other Springfield
  • Your friends must complete maggie side-quest to have bears spawn in their town for you to click on
  • Developers are aware of problem
  • Other Springfield has some programming flaws
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Re: No bears in other Springfield all day?

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I know it's already being worked on, but I just wanted to add my name to the list. I haven't been able to tap on anything at all, except for Sideshow Bob, in Other Springfield. It seemed to start after the update. Patiently waiting for a fix.
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