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Mystery Present Bug

by terapin02

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Mystery Present Bug

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After saving up for the 2,000 mystery present, I was excited to win Sophie. However, after placing her in the game and starting her quest line, my game crashed. When I reopened the game, it went back to the mystery present page and awarded me the North Pole station instead. As I already won Sophie, I'm disappointed in the system pulling a switch on me. Is there anyone from EA that can help switch back?


I've reported the bug and spoke to EA help.  Posting here seems to be the only recommendation they had, as the help desk can't award the "microevent" content.

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Re: Mystery Present Bug

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That's really disappointing and I feel bad for you.  I've had similar things happen while playing games like this.


Simple answer: Just live with it.


Complicated answer: If you have 6 months to infinity to wait for somebody in Customer Support who knows how to switch items out (assuming they don't die, retire, or quit and go work somewhere else in the meantime) if you keep nagging Customer Support about it they MIGHT fix it.  Maybe.  Don't hold your breath waiting.


Meanwhile... If you don't have enough vouchers to get a prize you can still get it anyway.  Just save up your Vouchers until you get close to the amount you need and try to buy it.  It will tell you that you don't have enough Vouchers and ask if you want to buy the remaining Vouchers with donuts.  They cost 1 donut for 20 Vouchers.


So for example: I have 1971 Vouchers.  When I tap the Platinum Prize box it tells me I can buy the rest for 2 donuts. My options are The Yes Guy, Sophie Krustofsky, Costingtons, and the Bear Cave.  With my luck I'd get the Bear Cave - the one thing I don't want.  That's in my primary game.


A better example would be my #3 game: I have 551 Vouchers.  Available Platinum Prizes are Yes Guy, Sophie, Pay-Less Motel, Orphanage, Slide Factory, Costingtons, Efcot Center, North Pole Station, Bear Cave.  I can buy a chance to get one of those for an additional 73 donuts.  For a Gold Prize it would cost me 43 donuts. For a Silver Prize I would only need 23 donuts.


There's a few more days to go until the end of this (midnight Pacific time on January 2nd I think), so keep tapping the Gnome every 4 hours and save up as many Vouchers as you can.

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